Egg Donation in Nepal

What is the Cost of Egg Donation in Nepal?

Egg Donation in Nepal is a very reasonable procedure for the couples who wish to have their baby but due to some medical problems they are not able to conceive naturally and they need more assistance to complete their family. Egg Donation is a procedure which helps in fulfilling the dream of having an own baby. This is a procedure in which fertility experts at Fertility Center Nepal will borrow the eggs from young, healthy and fertile women between the age of 21 to 30 years and they are willingly donating their eggs to those women who are unable to produce the good quality of eggs for fertilization. The estimated cost of egg donation in Nepal is around USD 20,000 which includes the compensation of egg donors, IVF procedure, screening of egg donors, embryo pick-up, etc.

How much is the cost of international egg donors?

Fertility Center Nepal is a center which has a large database of international egg donors and the cost vary according to the egg donors is from.

a)     Caucasian egg donors: We have Caucasian Egg Donors who are little expensive than Nepali egg donors because they are the one who is traveling to Nepal from other countries to donating their eggs to needy couples and we also need to spend a lot on their screening, testing, matching the egg donor according to the preference of the intended parents, etc. this will increase the cost of egg donors and the compensation made to them is little higher as compared to Nepali egg donors which means the total cost of egg donation with Caucasian egg donor will cost you around USD 32,000.

b)     African Egg donors: If you choose African egg donor then you need to pay around USD 40,000 as they are expensive than Nepali and Caucasian egg donors because they are healthier than the Caucasian egg donors and their food intake in more than the other egg donors. They are very tall, healthy and till date, we have the highest success rates for taking the baby home using African egg donors.

c)      Chinese Egg donors: The couples who are from China and wish to have a Chinese egg donor as they want their baby to look like them. We have a large database of Chinese egg donors as well and they are not very expensive. The cost of egg donation procedure with Chinese egg donor will cost you around USD 27,000.

d)     Korean egg donors: We have Korean egg donors as well at a very reasonable cost especially for those couples who want their baby to look exactly like them. They can match the egg donor according to their preference and once the egg donor is selected the fertility experts at Fertility Center Nepal will begin the egg donation procedure using the eggs from the Korean egg donor and these egg donors will cost you around USD 22,000.

e)     Japanese egg donors: They are the egg donors who are usually preferred by people with sort height and a fair complexion. The couples will select the egg donor according to their match and these are the women who ensure the highest rates of pregnancy which is around 85%. The egg donation procedure with Japanese egg donor will cost you around USD 30,000.

What’s the cost of frozen donor’s eggs?

The estimated cost for frozen donor egg in Nepal is around USD 18,000 and for the premium donor, it will cost you somewhere around USD 22,000. Fertility Center Nepal does not have any hidden cost. This is a fertility center which offers free shipping of the frozen donor eggs across the globe as compared to other clinics which are charging and additional cost for frozen egg cycle which includes ICSI, embryo transfer, embryo culture, cost of medications, etc.

How can you manage to pay for your egg donation procedure?

There are various ways to pay for egg donation procedure but for this, you need to prepare yourself at least 2 years before plan for egg donation treatment. The best way you can manage to have egg donation procedure is that you hire an egg donor who can be your close friend or relative who is ready to donate her eggs which will save your around USD 10,000 to USD 12,000 which is quite a good amount that you can save. The other options are that you can take help from insurance companies, private financers, use your credit cards, etc. Also, you can choose the egg donor who lives nearby your and the fertility center locality which helps in reducing the great amount of traveling which you pay for egg donation. This will reduce your excess travel expenses and you will feel relaxed during the egg donor cycle as you and your egg donor can walk together to reach the fertility center.

How much does the egg donors pay for their services?

The compensation which is made to egg donor will range between USD 5,000 to USD 12,000 per cycle and it depends that the egg donor is national or international. At Fertility Center Nepal we offer to our egg donors which include the following:

  • We made a portion to be paid to all the egg donors when the egg donor begins with her course of fertility medications and we also pay for the remainder within 5 days of completing the egg retrieval procedure.
  • If the egg donors need to travel to get to the fertility clinic, we cover all the cost of your travelling which include your stay at hotel, airfare, hotel, food, etc. for you and a person who is travelling with you if you decided to bring them with you for the egg retrieval procedure.
  • We also provide access to all the information and will educate the egg donor on each stage about her fertility such as the results of screening tests, ultrasound scans, etc. are available to all the egg donors who are helping the other couples in completing their family and to know about their treatment we provide all the rights to them as they are planning their reproductive future.

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