Waiting since long to conceive but get unsuccessful try IVF Treatment Nepal to help you

Waiting since long to conceive but get unsuccessful try IVF Treatment Nepal to help you

IVF Treatment Nepal is a treatment which helps the infertile couples who have been unable to achieve the successful pregnancy after having the unprotected intercourse for more than 12 months but not succeed. For those couples, the best option is the IVF Treatment Nepal where the fertilization of eggs will be done outside the women body in the laboratory under specific circumstances and the IVF Treatment Nepal can be performed by using the egg or sperm of intended couple or by using the donor egg or sperm or both.

If women want to conceive then she should follow the five major steps of IVF Treatment Nepal which are as follows:

  1. a) Ovulation Induction: This is the first step of IVF Treatment Nepal where your fertility expert will monitor your ovaries and also note the timing when the egg gets released because in this procedure time plays an important role. If the eggs are not taken out on proper time then it will not develop properly. Your fertility expert also ensures that the eggs which you produce is of good quality and healthy and also keep a check on your hormone levels.

Your fertility expert will give you the fertility drugs to stimulate your ovaries. Having one or more eggs available for IVF in Nepal will increase your chances of successful pregnancy.

If in case you are unable to produce healthy eggs then you need to consult your fertility expert about other option to achieve your goal which is egg donor program.

  1. b) Egg retrieval: The second step of IVF Treatment Nepal is egg retrieval where your fertility expert will retrieve the eggs from your ovaries by using the thin fine needle passes through the upper vaginal wall. With the use of vaginal ultrasound, the fluid is removed from the follicles under gentle suction.

After aspiration, the egg is isolated from the follicular fluid immediately and the egg will be kept in culture dish which contains nutrient media and later on they will be transferred to the incubator.

  1. c) Fertilization: The third step of the IVF Treatment Nepal is the fertilization in which the most active sperm is mixed with the egg in a special chamber with secured sperm sample produced by women husband or by the sperm donor. At times the sperm is directly injected into the egg to make sure that the healthy embryo will develop.
  2. d) Implantation & Embryo transfer: The fourth step of the IVF Treatment Nepal is the embryo transfer. Here your fertility expert will examine the embryos and the healthy embryo will be chosen for transfer. Once the healthy embryo transferred into the uterus of women then your fertility expert will advise you to take bed rest for 24 hours.
  3. e) Pregnancy Test: The final step of the IVF Treatment Nepal is pregnancy test which will be conducted after two weeks of embryo transfer. After the IVF Treatment Nepal around 90% of the women get pregnant, but in case if 10% of the women are unable to get pregnant then they can repeat the IVF Treatment Nepal cycle for more than 2 times to achieve their goal of successful pregnancy.


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