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IVF Clinic Kathmandu is the best and leading IVF clinic in Nepal, which delivers the best results in the field of infertility. The IVF Clinic Kathmandu is well-equipped with the world-class technology and infrastructure same as international standard. The fertility experts at IVF Clinic Kathmandu cater all the patients with various fertility treatments such as IVF, IUI, ICSI, egg donation, male infertility, Surrogacy and much more under one roof.

IVF Clinic Kathmandu will offer you the high quality of medical and personal care and also ensure the smooth and transparent process right from the beginning until your delivery. The fertility experts at IVF Clinic Kathmandu first examine the exact cause of your infertility and accordingly they personalized your fertility treatment which will fulfill your dream of having your own baby.

The IVF Clinic Kathmandu also has a team of experienced embryologists who know at what time the developing embryo will be transferred into your uterus and also know that how much embryo need to be transferred for successful pregnancy without any medical risk to you and your baby’s health.

Why choose IVF Clinic Kathmandu for your infertility treatment?

There are various factors which attract the attention of many couples around the world and they visit IVF Clinic Kathmandu for their fertility treatment. Following are the factors:

  • Latest and advanced technology: We have a team of dedicated doctors and fertility experts who use the latest and advanced technology to treat your cause of infertility and will give you a reason to smile which is your own baby.
  • Top fertility experts from India and Nepal: We offer you the top fertility experts from India and Nepal who just not blindly suggest you any treatment which is not effective for you. They are the fertility experts of IVF Clinic Kathmandu who properly examine the cause of infertility and also find that who is dealing with this cause you or your husband. After the proper examination only they will suggest you the best fertility treatment which will give the successful outcome.
  • Success Rate: The success rate of taking the baby home from IVF Clinic Kathmandu is around 75-85% which is significantly higher than any other well-developed countries; however, the success rate mainly depends on the age of the women. The younger you are the more chances of successful pregnancy are there because older women need more fertility drugs to ovulate.
  • Affordable cost: The IVF Clinic Kathmandu will offer the best and affordable cost of all the patients without biasing between the needy, poor or payee. They treat all the patients with equality.

Vision & Mission of IVF Clinic Kathmandu

The aim of the IVF Clinic Kathmandu is to offer the best and suitable fertility treatment to the childless couple who are dealing with infertility issues and allow them to enjoy their new phase of parenthood happily with their own baby. To see a smile on your face the fertility experts of IVF Clinic Kathmandu will go beyond any limits to achieve the successful outcome.

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