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Top-quality IUI treatment in Nepal

IUI treatment in Nepal is a fertility treatment performed for curing the problem of infertility. Infertility is a problem in which couples fail at achieving conception even after trying to conceive for about six months to a year. It is a primary ART method for treating less severe cases of infertility. It is an immediate fertility treatment that occurs in infertile patients when they think of undergoing fertility treatment. It is the best treatment option for single women who wish to get pregnant without the involvement of a male partner. 

IUI is a famous ART (Assisted Reproductive Technology) technique for assisting couples in their quest for parenthood. ART methods include various fertility treatments for making pregnancy achievable with the help of specialized treatment. It is a simple fertility treatment where the sperms are inserted inside the recipient’s uterus with the aid of a hollow needle. This fertility treatment is performed before the patient can opt for other advanced fertility treatments such as IVF. Intrauterine Insemination is done when the male partner is inefficient at producing a sufficient amount of sperms for the process of Insemination due to various reasons.

The main aim of the IUI treatment is to enhance the number of good-quality sperms that reaches and permeates the egg. It also increases the likelihood of the woman attaining conception and success in the fertility treatment. Fertility Centre Nepal is a widely known medical travel agency in Nepal offering economical prices for IUI treatment in Nepal. Our fertility experts have more than 30 years of experience performing the most compelling cases of IUI treatment. They have helped many patients complete their families and remove the tag of infertility from their life. Our patients receive their fertility treatment under the best infrastructure and within a reasonable price range.

Appropriate Candidates for IUI treatment in Nepal

IUI is a widely performed and uncomplicated ART treatment wherein the patient is artificially inseminated with the sperms received from the male partner or a sperm donor. However, it is not a suitable fertility treatment for patients with severe infertility. They have to take the help of other advanced ART methods such as IVF, ICSI, IMSI, etc., for attaining their dream of parenthood.

Below is the list of suitable candidates for IUI treatment in Nepal.

  • Infertile couples with unexplained infertility where the cause behind infertility is hard to determine.
  • Female with ovulatory disorders can go for IUI treatment in Nepal.
  • Female with uterine problems such as endometriosis.
  • Female with abnormal cervical mucus that prevents the sperms from entering the cervical canal.
  • Men with ejaculatory problems, erectile dysfunction, etc.
  • Couples with severe male factor infertility where the male partner does not produce a sufficient quantity of fertile sperms.

How is IUI treatment performed in Nepal?

During the process of IUI treatment in Nepal, the doctor thoroughly analyzes the condition of the patient before performing the IUI treatment. The woman is given fertility medications such as Clomiphene for triggering her ovulation cycle. Sometimes, HCG injection is given in combination with the fertility medicines to the patient if the fertility medicines do not work alone. Once the doctor notices the surge in the LH hormone, the doctor performs the IUI treatment in which the doctor directly injects the sperms into the uterus of the female.

Before inserting the sperms, the semen collection process is done in which the sperms are thawed and washed for finding the best-quality sperms for insemination. After two weeks, some pregnancy tests are performed on the woman to confirm pregnancy.

Best Fertility Centre for IUI treatment in Nepal

Fertility Centre Nepal is the best medical tourism company in Nepal offering the services of well-experienced fertility specialists with over three decades of experience. We offer the best IUI treatment in Nepal at a reasonable price, which is why patients from across the world choose our fertility clinic for the best fertility treatment. Our team at the network hospital makes sure that you receive the best fertility treatment experience at a reasonable cost. We also provide affordable prices for different fertility treatments such as IVF, ICSI, IMSI, TESA, PESA, Surrogacy, etc.

IUI Treatment cost in Nepal

Marked Down and Easy Payable IUI Cost in Nepal

IUI treatment is the fertility related medication, where sperms are washed and transferred into the female’s uterus to get far better results in fertilization. IUI is also termed as Artificial Insemination or AI.

IUI treatment is effective in the following scenarios:

  • The male is facing from a mild factor infertility
  • Women suffering from mild endometriosis
  • Female’s suffering from cervical mucus
  • Unexplained infertility syndrome
  • Females suffering from ovulation cycle issue
  • Any sexual pain makes intercourse difficult
  • Similar sex couples wishing to conceive
  • Couple using donor sperm

IUI treatment Nepal is not effective in these cases –

  • Women who are in the clutch of moderate to severe endometriosis
  • Women who have had both the fallopian tubes blocked or removed
  • Suffering from multiple pelvic infections
  • Those men who produces no sperm in his semen

Keenly priced of IUI treatment cost in Nepal –

Talking about the IUI Charges in Nepal, then you are on the right click to have the entire information regarding IUI treatment cost in Nepal. IUI treatment Nepal is that technique, which makes very smooth way to cross the sperms distance from the initial point to the end, the end is the female’s fallopian tube, by directly reaching near fallopian tube, the sperms thus meets with the eggs and fertilization happens successfully. IUI charges in Nepal is average and easy payable by each infertile male patient. IUI medication is done with or without fertility medications as per female’s ovulation cycle and requirements. If she is ovulating at proper time and the menstruation is occurring timely, then medications are not needed.

Usually, couples who undergo IUI treatment Nepal, performs this treatment with the fertility medication to have better results in fertilization. IUI Cost in Nepal by Fertility Centre Nepal is giving the package of IUI treatment with all the medication in reasonable cost.

IUI Cost Nepal 2019 is NPR 50,000 (with the fertility medication).

Fertility Centre Nepal –the leading ART fertility clinic provides one of the matchless treatments of IUI medication and other fertility related solution or therapeutics. This clinic offers IUI cost Nepal in the marked down package. IUI Cost in Nepal has been planned in a very decent and affordable cost so that whoever seeking for their fertility related treatments can easily put an end to their infertility issue.

Nitty-gritty details about the IUI procedure in Nepal –

Since you got the information regarding IUI charges in Nepal, now let’s focus on some points of IUI treatment in Nepal that how it works and what is the basic procedure of IUI treatment etc. IUI therapeutic is the most acceptable medication to elucidate mild infertility factor. This treatment is usually selected by those couples, wherein the male partner supplies less count of average sperms, female suffering from cervical mucus etc.

IUI treatment is much cheaper than IVF and any other fertility medication (that comes in ART technique).

  • IUI treatment with fertility medication is chosen by those couples, wherein the female partner faces any ovulation issue so to do the sync of the cycle of ovulation, fertility medications are given to the female. These fertility medications not only syncs the cycle but also enhance the production of eggs for better fertilization.
  • Sample of the semen is collected from the male duo by normal ejaculation and then is kept into the sterile container. Now the main procedure starts here, this sample is washed separately by a special technique in order to get the sperms, which are free of any impurity. This washing technique eliminates those sperms, which are non-motile and inactive too and those sperms that can become hurdle in the way of fertilization. This process takes 2 hour for the completion.
  • Once the washing procedure is done, the next step of IUI procedure is t transfer these washed sperms into the uterus of the female. At the time of female’s ovulation, these sperms then placed into the uterus with the help of a syringe. This is the step, where female feels stress and anxiety but there is no need to take tension as this process takes not more than 20-25 minutes of the patient and is totally trouble-free.

Factors which influences IUI success rate Nepal –

There are several factors, which contributes the success rate of IUI treatment Nepal. One must know that the female duo should not possess any kind of serious infertility disorder like severe endometriosis or poor egg quality etc. Couples, whoever going for this medication has to show some reports like the female must have to show the reports of her healthy fallopian tube and working efficiently or not.

IUI success rate Nepal relies on the sperms counts too and obviously sperms motility. An average count of the sperms (motile, active and fit by the morphologically structure) should be at least 10 million for this treatment. So, there are two main and significant point that influences IUI success rate in Nepal are –the eggs quality and sperm counts and its mobility. If any of these factors do not meet the requirements then IUI treatment may not take place.




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