test tube baby cost in Nepal

Test tube Baby Cost in Nepal

How much does the Test tube Baby Cost in Nepal?

The test tube baby cost in Nepal ranges from NPR 2 80,000 to NPR 3 40,000 for one Single IVF cycle; however, the cost of the procedure depends on several factors such as:

1. Couple’s age:

Couple’s age is one of the most significant factors that can impact the test tube baby cost in Nepal. If a couple above 35 is planning for test-tube baby treatment, they need more fertility drug dosage that helps them produce enough eggs for fertilization. The experts at Fertility Center Nepal advise test-tube baby procedure to couples below 35 to have a successful conception at a reasonable cost.

2. Body type:

A couple’s body type plays an important role when they plan for test-tube baby treatment. Couples with over or under body weight need extra fertility dosage to produce good quality eggs and sperm to ease the fertilization process, which increases the test-tube baby cost in Nepal. Couples must maintain their body weight according to their body mass index (BMI) to conceive a baby.

3. Unhealthy eating habits:

Nowadays, people prefer to have junk food, drink alcohol or consume illegal drugs that impact their fertility. When they plan to have a baby, they cannot conceive naturally because their fertility starts declining, which means the quality of eggs and sperm they produce is not suitable for fertilization. In such cases, the fertility experts at Fertility Center Nepal give high fertility dosages to improve their fertility, increasing the test-tube baby cost in Nepal. The couples planning for test-tube baby treatment need to maintain a healthy lifestyle to have a successful conception. 

test tube baby cost in Nepal

Why test tube baby treatment in Nepal at FERTILITY CENTRE NEPAL?

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How many types of infertility treatments are available at Fertility Center Nepal & their cost?

The following are some commonly used infertility treatments that are available at Fertility Center Nepal with their costs and these are:

1. Test tube baby in Nepal (In Vitro Fertilization):

IVF is a commonly used procedure known as a test-tube baby treatment. The fertility experts at Fertility Center Nepal recommend IVF to couples dealing with infertility issues such as blocked fallopian tubes or unexplained infertility. It is a procedure in which fertility experts collect the eggs and sperm of the biological parents and fertilize them together in an IVF laboratory. Once the embryo gets formed, the embryologist will transfer the most active embryo/s into the woman’s uterus and wait for pregnancy. The couples need to pay between NPR 2 80,000 to NPR 3 40,000 for one fresh IVF cycle.

2. Intrauterine Insemination (IUI):

IUI is a procedure in which the fertility experts at Fertility Center Nepal place the man’s washed sperm into a woman’s uterus with the help of an exemplary thin tube that passes through the cervix into the woman’s uterus. The IUI is a treatment for women with healthy fallopian tubes that allow their egg to travel from the ovaries into their uterus. This is one of the most appropriate fertility treatments at Fertility Center Nepal, which costs around NPR 30,000.

3. Gamete Intrafallopian Transfer (GIFT):

GIFT is a procedure in which fertility experts collect egg and sperm to mix them. It is a procedure in which the experts fertilize the woman’s egg inside her fallopian tube and not outside her body. The experts recommend this procedure to couples with unexplained fertility or male infertility issues. The cost of the GIFT procedure in Nepal is around NPR 1 20,000.

4. Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI):

ICSI is an advanced technique used to treat male infertility issues. It is a procedure in which the fertility experts will pick a healthy sperm and directly inject it into a woman’s egg to ease the fertilization process. The cost of the ICSI procedure at Fertility Center Nepal is around NPR 3 40,000.

5. Egg Donation:

The fertility experts suggest an egg donation process to couples where a woman wishes to carry a baby in her womb but cannot produce enough eggs for fertilization. In such cases, the experts will use the donor eggs and artificially fertilize them with the recipient husband’s sperm to ease the fertilization process. Once fertilization occurs, the embryologist will transfer the formed embryo/s into the birth mother’s uterus to establish a successful pregnancy. The cost of egg donation, including compensation of egg donors at Fertility Center Nepal, is around NPR 6 50,000, which is quite reasonable compared to other fertility clinics.

6. Embryo Donation:

It is a procedure in which couples who already conceived a baby donate their left-over embryos to another couple that help them in building up their families. The cost of embryo donation at Fertility Center Nepal is around NPR 10 00,000.

test tube baby cost in Nepal

Why do people prefer Fertility Center Nepal for test tube Baby treatment in Nepal?

The following are the reasons that people prefer Fertility Center Nepal for their fertility treatments, and these are:

1. Affordable cost:

Fertility Center Nepal offers reasonable & affordable fertility treatment costs to each individual. They believe that every person on this planet has a right to enjoy their parenthood, and cost will not stop them from enjoying this phase.

2. Facilities offered:

At Fertility Center Nepal, people will get the best facilities such as 24/7 complete medical & personal care, pleasant & comfortable stay, transparency in the treatment, maintenance of treatment-related documents, CCTV coverage inside the lab through which couples can see what the lab technicians are doing with their embryos, etc.    

3. Success rates:

To date, the Fertility Center Nepal has the highest success rates for taking babies home. The success of the fertility treatments are between 40 to 90% depending on the couple’s age, body weight, lifestyle, previous pregnancies, a procedure they choose, etc.

4. Use of high-end equipment:

The Fertility Center Nepal use high-end equipment that has been purchased from other developed countries like the USA, UK, Australia, Russia, etc., to treat all types of infertility cases and provide the best solution to couples in conceiving babies.

5. Trained & skilled professionals:

Fertility Center Nepal hires skilled & trained medical professionals from different parts of the countries who give their best to achieve the successful outcome of the procedure. They are the ones who make pregnancy possible for couples with increasing age.

Our success rates:

IVF treatment in Nepal is the topmost for better pregnancy results. You can have the highest IVF success rate in Nepal. FERTILITY CENTRE NEPAL has top assistance in performing infertility treatments. These help in managing different conditions and provide the top outcome.

Still, your success rate of IVF in Nepal depends on various factors. For instance:

(1)  Your age because advanced age has fewer conception chances.

(2)   The couple gametes have poor conditions.

(3)  Your IVF process is as per infertility issues.

(4)  The IVF centre in Nepal you choose

Your IVF success rates in Nepal will be as per age. Such as:

(a)   The female partner at the age of 30 has 50% chances

(b)   The female partner at the age of 35 has a 40% chance.

(c)   The female partner at the age of more than 38 has 32% chances

(d)   The female partner at the age of the 40s has 29% chances

(e)   The female partner at the age of 45 has 23% chances

What else about us:


(a)   Utmost assistance at every stage during the treatment

(b)   Gametes and embryo cryopreservation facilities

(c)   Top-notch ART techniques and approaches

(d)   Assistance for the IVF cost in Nepal

(e)   Highly well-behaved fertility experts

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How can I become pregnant with poor eggs?

Your conception chances with poor egg conditions are lower. Because, they have a few chances of fertilizing with the sperm. And it will not form healthy fertilized eggs. So, your expert can recommend the donor eggs. These are the healthy eggs from the fit donor. It is fertilized by the expert with the male partner’s sperm. And implant inside the female uterus for a successful pregnancy outcome. It provides better pregnancy results because healthy eggs are used.

What happens if my IVF stops in between?

You do not have to worry because IVF is the best method. It can stop in between because of various reasons. So, your expert can recommend an alternate method for achieving a successful pregnancy. It can include cryopreservation. As healthy fertilized eggs or gametes can freeze by the expert to save them. And, your expert will use them when you will ready for the pregnancy. As by thawing the gametes or fertilized eggs. With gametes, they will fertilize them with ICSI (Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection) and implant inside the female uterus.

How does my IVF become costlier?

The IVF treatment process is different for every couple. Because it depends on their health and infertility conditions. Your severe issues can require advanced procedures and approaches. As these help in successful pregnancy outcomes in these problems. These methods also increase the treatment charges. Your IVF will become costlier because of the different approaches. Also, it increases the better and health conception. IVF treatment costs cannot be predetermined. Because various factors are responsible for the increase in the basic charges. Also, you need to choose the best centre for affordable cost and assistance.  

Can I save my IVF cost?

Yes, your IVF charges can be saved by focusing on some aspects. By choosing the best centre, you can have top packages and facilities for paying fewer prices. Also if you have healthy eggs and sperm, your chances are higher to conceive at an affordable cost. You can save the IVF treatment cost by choosing the best method. Because, Patients with different infertility conditions need several procedures for successful conception. And these increase the entire treatment charges by including these methods. But if you face IVF process failures because of the procedure per issues. So, your treatment charges will increase and cause a problem in the budget.

What are my conception possibilities?

Well, the conception possibility with the IVF treatment is much higher. Still, it is not the same for every couple. Because, it highly depends on their age, fertility, and various factors. A successful IVF treatment needs healthy eggs and sperm. And any problem with gametes will cause issues in the successful conception. You need to have the best method for infertility conditions. Because, it will increase your pregnancy chances with the IVF treatment. Age is the most crucial factor because young women have high possibilities than women with advanced age.

How does FET perform?

Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET) is the best process. It helps couples achieve successful pregnancy outcomes. As if your procedure stops in the middle. You need to have the IVF cycle as the previous one has become a failure. Or you need IVF again for another pregnancy outcome. So, it involves the previous IVF cycle of fertilized eggs. And the expert thaws them to the temperature for the implantation. Then, it implants inside the female uterus after thawing. And it provides a successful pregnancy result. Also, you do not need to undergo the entire IVF process again.

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