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Why People Prefer Tandem IVF?

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The people prefer tandem IVF because it is the latest technique which helps older women with low fertility. Usually, clinics will first try to achieve pregnancy for the women above the age of 40 years by using her eggs. If this procedure gets fails then the fertility expert at Fertility Center Nepal would offer the option of donor eggs. Fertility Center Nepal is a center which offers tandem IVF at much cheaper service by combining the two procedures. They will create one or more embryos with the older woman’s eggs which they combined with embryos created with a donor’s eggs. In this way, if the embryos of the intended mother do not survive, the donor’s will. In this case, the rate of success will be much higher.

We offer two optional services in conjunction with tandem IVF.

1.    Cytoplasmic tandem IVF: In this method, the nucleus of the intended mother egg is injected into an enucleated donor egg to rejuvenate it.

2.    Foetal reduction: This is a method in which if all of the implanted embryos were implant and develop then the problem can occur. The intended mother might only want the baby from her embryo. If this is the case, then the fertility experts will abort the baby or babies who have been created with donor eggs. This is an extremely controversial way of dealing with the issue of multiple births.

Why and when tandem IVF procedure is needed?

Nowadays, there are several times when the procedure like tandem IVF is needed. In normal circumstances, the fertility expert will suggest the traditional IVF to the patients; however, when the IVF procedure gets failed them the tandem IVF cycle can be the best and next procedure to conceive a baby.

Generally, the fertility experts will recommend tandem IVF to the women who have less ovarian reserves and this can happen due to several reasons. The following are some reasons:

•    Tandem IVF is the best fertility procedure for the women above the age of 40 years who are unable to conceive a baby with normal IVF as there ovarian reserves get depleted.

•    If women are dealing with the lack of ovarian reserve which can happen due to some medical condition for them tandem IVF is the best option to conceive a baby.

•    There can be many other reasons which can lead to such a situation and for women the only option is the tandem IVF.

With the advancement in medical science so many things can be possible and conceiving a baby despite the problems is one of them. When we look a few years back where it was difficult for a woman to conceive a baby after crossing a certain age, but now the latest and advanced procedures such as the tandem IVF cycle have proven this thing wrong.

Who are the candidates for a tandem IVF cycle?

Tandem IVF Cycle is the best option for the women who have decreased ovarian reserves and who do not respond to IVF treatment. This treatment is a solution for those women as well who have repeated failed IVF cycles with their eggs. The purpose to perform a tandem cycle is to provide the patient with good quality of eggs so that a positive result can be achieved at the end of an IVF cycle. When the women undergo for IVF treatment to produce eggs, at the same time your egg donor will also undergo for a similar treatment to produce the number of eggs which can be utilized by the intended mother. Your fertility expert will combine the two sets of eggs retrieved from both women which make a large pool of eggs that can be used during the IVF cycle.

The women who choose a tandem IVF cycle should have some ovarian function. If they do not have ovarian function left, and the ovarian reserves have been completely exhausted, then for them the best option is the IVF with Egg Donation as this is a procedure where a woman does not have to undergo for a stressful IVF cycle with all the stimulation drugs. For an effective assessment, the fertility experts at Fertility Center Nepal would recommend measuring the Anti-Mullein Hormone (AMH) levels as well as the antral follicle count. If women are AMH level is higher than 0.2 ng/mL and there are at least 2 antral follicles available in the ovaries, in such cases, the Tandem IVF cycle may be attempted.

In a tandem cycle, your fertility expert will have two sets of eggs, one is from intended mother and the other is from the egg donor. Legally, all the fertility experts can transfer up to three embryos in a given cycle, and you need to decide that how many embryos of yours and the one created by donor eggs you would like to have transferred.

How to get started with tandem IVF cycle?

To start with tandem IVF treatment you need to undergo for various tests and scans and these are:

•    You need to undergo a transvaginal ultrasound scan for ovarian and uterine assessment. This scan is conducted to know how many antral follicles there are in each ovary. The uterine assessment will be conducted to make sure that there are no visible problems which can affect the successful pregnancy such as fibroids, polyps, free fluid in the uterus, etc.

•    Your fertility expert will conduct a hormone profile which includes FSH, LH, Estradiol, Prolactin, TSH and AMH hormone tests which are done to be administered on day 2 or day 3 of the menstrual period. These tests will be conducted to know about the women ovarian reserves and fertility level.

•    Your fertility expert will ask your partner to get a semen analysis done with the following parameters which included: volume, count, motility, morphology, pH and round cell count. The male members need to provide the semen sample after 3 to 4 days of abstinence.

•    If your menstrual cycles have become irregular this might be an indication of menopause or ovarian failure. The hormone tests which are mentioned above will be used to confirm such a diagnosis.


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