PICSI Treatment in Nepal – To improve the pregnancy rates

In the ICSI procedure, the single sperm is directly injected into each egg and till date, the embryologist has only the available technique to select the sperm. Now using PICSI Treatment in Nepal, the embryologists are able to select the best possible sperm for fertilization. PICSI Treatment in Nepal is an important treatment because the better quality of sperm increases the chances of successful fertilization during IVF treatment.

PICSI Treatment in Nepal is based on the concept of Hyaluronan binding. Hyaluronan binding is a material which you can find in most parts of your body, including around the female egg. The work of PICSI Treatment in Nepal is that it selects sperm according to how well they are bind to Hyaluronan around an egg cell through a test which is called a Hyaluronan Binding Assay.

Why is PICSI Treatment in Nepal important?

The study says it is important because the process of fertilization is designed in such a way to root out the weaker sperm and to pick the best sperm for fertilization. PICSI Treatment in Nepal which works on the basis that the better sperms improve the pregnancy rates and reduces the number of IVF miscarriages.

Advantages of PICSI Treatment in Nepal

PICSI Treatment in Nepal is a much more refined way to pick the best sperm for fertilization, whereas traditional sperm is selected for ICSI based on their appearance. PICSI inNepal allows making a choice based on sperm’s ability to fertilize and function. Moreover, PICSI in Nepal is a straight forward treatment and easy to use. The method in which the sperms are selected on the basis of appearance can flaw because chromosomal defects can still be found within the healthy-looking sperm.

When PICSI in Nepal recommended

The PICSI in Nepal is recommended when there is:

  • Fertilization rates after ICSI treatment are low.
  • History of miscarriages.
  • High sperm DNA fragmentation
  • When embryo developed in previous cycles has been compromised.

Success Rate of PICSI Treatment in Nepal

We have a team of qualified and experienced fertility experts who are passionate to help you in achieving your dream of taking your own healthy baby at home. The chances of success of PICSI Treatment in Nepal very much depend on the patient’s own set of personal characteristics such as age, subfertility, lifestyle, reproductive history etc. and the chances of success is different for each patient.

Currently, the success rate of taking baby home by using the PICSI Treatment in Nepal for women under age of 35 years is around 75 to 85%; however, the success rate is increasing for each age group every year with the use of this new technique.


Cost of PICSI Treatment in Nepal

The cost of PICSI Treatment in Nepal is around USD 12,000 including other expenses which are very reasonable as compared with the cost of other developed countries like the US and the UK where the basis cost of the treatment begins with USD 30,000 without any other expenses.

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