Know About Male & Female Infertility Treatment In Nepal

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Know About Male & Female Infertility Treatment In Nepal

Infertility means a couple is not able to conceive a baby after having regular unprotected intercourse for more than one year. Infertility affects both women and men. A woman who is unable to get pregnant after trying for one year without using any birth controlling will be considered as infertile women. On the other hand, a man is considered infertile if he has few sperms in his semen or his sperm are unhealthy to combine with a woman’s egg. Many couples do not have trouble becoming pregnant after one year of their marriage, but there are factors that can make it difficult for others to conceive a baby naturally.

Causes of Infertility in Men

The following are the causes that affect the fertility of men which stops him to become the father of an own baby and these are:

  • Unhealthy or poorly functioning sperm which includes the quality of the man’s sperm. It also includes how well and quick the sperm move and travel to meet the woman’s egg.
  • A varicocele is an enlarged vein inside which loses the skin that surrounds a man’s testicles and this can cause low sperm count.
  • A bacterial infection inside the man’s testicles can also be a sexually transmitted infection (STI) that causes the quality of man’s sperm.
  • Cancerous or non-cancerous growths.
  • Undescended testicles. The man’s one or both remain in his abdomen. These are the testicles which supposed to drop down from man’s abdomen into the scrotal sac at birth.
  • Hormone imbalance.
  • Blockages within the many tubes that carry the sperms of man.
  • The genetic disorders.
  • Medicines, especially those treating cancer, fungus, and ulcers.
  • The surgery like vasectomy which is a procedure to prevent sperm from leaving the testicles.
  • Consumption of alcohol, drugs, and smokes.
  • Exposure to industrial chemicals and heavy metals.
  • Radiation and X-rays.
  • Overheating the testicles which can occur by wearing too tight underwear or pants. It can also happen by using a hot tub for extended periods.

Causes of infertility in Women

  • A process in which the egg of the woman leaves her ovary and travels to meet the sperm. Some women face difficulty while ovulating every month, which makes harder to become pregnant.
  • A woman who is dealing with the reproductive system problems such as fallopian tubes, cervix, uterus, ovaries etc. which includes a blockage, cancerous or noncancerous growths, scarring, enlarged ovaries, or an abnormal opening of the cervix.
  • Disease and disorders which include endometriosis. This is a disease or disorder where uterine tissue grows outside the women uterus or polycystic ovary syndrome where women have enlarged ovaries that contains fluid-filled sacs.
  • The menopause that stops early which means women menopause has been stopped before the age of 40 years. It may be tied to an immune system disease, cancer treatments, or a genetic syndrome.
  • As a woman gets older, it becomes harder to get pregnant.
  • Cancer treatments such as radiotherapy and chemotherapy which affects the women fertility.
  • Smoking, alcohol, and another drug can make it difficult for women to get pregnant.
  • Medicines, especially those treating cancer, fungus, and ulcers.
  • Being overweight or underweight can also affect the woman’s fertility. According to the study, too much or too little exercise can affect a woman’s chances of getting pregnant. So, it is advisable to maintain an ideal weight according to the body mass index (BMI) to conceive a baby.
  • An absence of a period can also affect the woman’s fertility.
  • Uncontrolled diabetes, autoimmune diseases in which your body attack itself, celiac disease etc. can make pregnancy difficult for a woman.

How to prevent infertility?

According to the study, there are some types of infertility which are not preventable; however, by adopting several strategies may increase women chances to get pregnant.

Prevention of infertility in Men

Most of the types of infertility in men are not preventable but there are some strategies which help men to become a father of an own baby and these are as follows:

  • It is advisable to men that he should avoid drug and tobacco and excessive consumption of alcohol, which may contribute to male infertility.
  • Men need to avoid high temperatures, as this can affect the production and mobility of their sperm. Although this effect is usually temporary for the successful results they need to avoid hot tubs and steam baths.
  • The fertility experts at the Fertility Center Nepal advise the men to avoid exposure to industrial or environmental toxins as they can impact the production of sperm.
  • It is advisable to limit medications which may impact man’s fertility, both prescribe and non-prescribed drugs. Speak to your fertility expert about the medications that you take regularly, but don’t stop taking prescribed medications without any medical advice.
  • The fertility experts at Fertility Center Nepal advise you to do regular exercise as it may improve sperm quality and also increase the chances of achieving a pregnancy.

Prevention of infertility in Women

There are a number of strategies which may increase the women chances to get pregnant and these are as follows:

  • Quit smoking: the consumption of tobacco has multiple negative effects on woman’s fertility, not to mention the general health and the health of a fetus. If you smoke regularly and are considering pregnancy then it is advisable to quit now.
  • Avoid alcohol and drugs: If you are planning to conceive a baby then the consumption of alcohol or other drugs can affect the quality of your eggs. So, it is advisable by the fertility expert at Fertility Center Nepal to quit alcohol and other drugs for successful results.
  • Consumption of caffeine: Women who are trying to get pregnant have to limit the intake of caffeine. You need to speak to your doctor for guidance on the safe use of caffeine.
  • Regular Exercise: Regular exercise is important, but exercising intensely that your periods are infrequent or absent can affect your fertility.
  • Body weight: Being overweight or underweight can affect your hormone production and cause infertility. So, it is advisable by the fertility experts at the Fertility Center Nepal to main the ideal body weight according to your body mass index (BMI).
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