In Vitro Maturation

IVM the abbreviated form of In vitro fertilization is a revolutionary treatment in the terms of fertility and involves the immature egg’s removal from the ovaries which are further matured in the laboratory before the process of fertilization takes place. IVM allows the collection of multiple eggs without the involvement of the hormone stimulation.

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IVM differs from the IVF in the way that in IVM immature eggs are collected from the females body avoiding the usage of medicines by the female before the collection of the egg as compared to the IVF.

IVM ideal for which patients?

  • Patients unable to tolerate the medication effects required to initiate the oocytes for maturity.
  • For fertility preservation for cancer affected individuals.
  • Patients where the cause of infertility is infertile male.
  • Female patients susceptible to develop OHSS if suffering from PCOS(Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome).
  • Patients with short time span or unable to take fertility medication.

The procedure of IVM is as follows:

Step 1: Immature egg’s collection

A collection of eggs at the immature stage .IVM does not force women to take ovary-stimulating hormone before the collection of eggs.

Step 2: Placing eggs in incubator

Eggs are matured by placing them for one to two days in an incubator in the laboratory

Step 3: Egg Fertilization

Once the eggs are matured, they are fertilized with the partner’s or the donor’s sperms followed by embryo culture. Then the eggs are transferred to the womb similar to IVF treatment.

IVM being a revolutionary and new technique is safer treatment but still few of the risks have been identified. Near about 2500 babies are brought into this beautiful word by the use of IVM all over the world. Although due to being a new technique all the possible risks are not identified but still some of the risks that have been identified with IVM are:

  • Less number of egg collected compared to conventional IVF.
  • Usual risks involved in general aesthetic.

Patients are advised with the IVM by the doctors when in their consideration your OHSS is higher than the average.

  • More embryo

Creation of more eggs in IVM without stimulating drugs. Early maturation of eggs collected from the ovaries in approximately 24-48 hours once they are cultured in the laboratory.IVM resulting in viable embryos which are used for further transfer in the subsequent cycle.

  • Success rates

High success rate due to the collection of immature eggs resulting in higher chances of pregnancy.

  • Affordable Cost

Much affordable to the IVF due to the reduction in medical cost as less medicine is used.

  • Healthy Babies

Approximately 2500 healthy babies have been produced from IVM and are still counting across the word.

  • Safe Treatment

IVM avoids the effects of drug stimulation eliminating the risks of OHSS(Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome).IVM involves one’s own menstrual cycle with no suppression drugs that cause menopausal syndrome  due to which the women feels safer in terms of risks.



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