How to find the best Fertility Centre for Cryopreservation in Nepal?

Cryopreservation in Nepal

How to find the best Fertility Centre for Cryopreservation in Nepal?

Preserving fertility with Cryopreservation in Nepal 

Cryopreservation in Nepal is a usual part of fertility treatment and is performed when there are more than required embryos as a result of the application of IVF treatment. All the embryos cannot be implanted at the same time and therefore are preserved for later use. It is a method by which oocyte, sperms, and embryos can be stored for future use by freezing the same at a very low temperature.

They are taken out when required and are thawed in order to use them for fertility treatment. It is a useful way of making certain pregnancy in the future for cancer patients as their ability to produce healthy eggs or sperms may decline due to their deteriorating condition. Other patients are those women who choose to preserve their fertility for the future owing to various health or lifestyle reasons.

What does Cryopreservation involve?

Cryopreservation is a technique by which the eggs, sperms, or embryos are frozen by applying a nitrogen liquid at a very low temperature. Freezing is done in a way so as to prevent any damage to the eggs or sperms so that they do not lose their quality while they remain in the lab for years. When the time comes, they are thawed for use in the process of fertility treatment.

The method offers long life to the cells of the eggs, sperms, or embryos up until the time they are stored in the lab. It the best option for young women to freeze their eggs so that their fertility remains intact and they can easily conceive at a definite time in the future when they decide to by using the frozen eggs.

Advantages of Cryopreservation treatment

The main advantage of freezing the male or female gametes via cryopreservation is for the individual who has to undergo major treatment for serious diseases such as cancer and wants to save their fertility so that they can conceive once normalcy in their health condition is attained. Other benefits include allowing the individual to focus on their career, especially the one that does not allow them to have a baby as of now.

However, the successful accomplishment of pregnancy in the future is not always certain but freezing the eggs or sperms provides relief because at least the couples have a shot at pregnancy even after a certain age which is considered inappropriate for conceiving.

Seeking a world-class fertility centre for Cryopreservation in Nepal

At  Fertility Centre Nepal, we work in association with the best fertility specialists and doctors possessing over three decades of expertise in providing the superlative quality fertility treatments to their patients. We offer the best cryopreservation treatment in Nepal at the most reasonable cost. Our team works conjointly in order to ensure success in the fertility treatment of the patients.

The finest quality of treatment and affordable prices is the reason why patients from all over the world choose Nepal for their medical tourism. We are also known for offering the highest success rates for IVF or other fertility treatments in Nepal and a comparatively low cost for fertility treatment.

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