Process of IVF in Nepal

Process of IVF in Nepal: Infertility is an uninvited health issue. It can be genetic, due to age, or due to an unhealthy lifestyle. It is hard for an individual with a non-medical background to realize his or her fertility situation as infertility doesn’t have any strong symptoms. Due to this many couples or individuals analyze the issue late which can create a barrier between them and parenthood but fertility centre Nepal is here for your rescue with its world-class IVF treatment. Let’s understand the process of IVF in Nepal at the fertility centre Nepal which is one of the leading and trustable IVF centers in Nepal. 

How IVF helps an infertile couple in conceiving?  

IVF or In Vitro Fertilization if we break down the term, In Vitro means within in the glass, outside a living organism and fertilization means the process which creates an embryo that develops pregnancy. So IVF is a fertilization process that takes place outside the female body in a lab by combining intended parents’ gametes (egg and sperm) in a cultured dish. 

IVF treatment is an ART technique. What is an ART technique? – The full form of ART is assisted reproductive technique. It is a group of techniques that fertility experts use to treat infertility. IVF is one of the most popular ART techniques that have helped lakhs of infertile couples to achieve pregnancy.  

Through IVF the expert collects the egg of the intended mother and sperm of the intended father and fertilizes them in a lab where an environment is created to make the egg fertilized with the sperm which was unable to happen through the natural conception method. 

What is the process of IVF in Nepal? 

A single cycle of IVF takes a minimum of three weeks to complete. It can even take longer depending on the fertility condition.  One of the common pieces of advice which you will receive from experts and online is to be patient. Yes, you need to be patient while undergoing the process of IVF in Nepal as it is a long and emotional process.  Here is the whole process of IVF in Nepal that could work wonders. 

Generally, IVF has five major steps – ovarian stimulation, egg retrieval, sperm collection/retrieval, fertilization, and embryo transfer. 

  1. Ovarian stimulation – A woman’s ovaries produce one mature egg every month which is equal to less chance to have a successful IVF cycle for a woman with infertility. Keeping that in mind, the doctor prescribes medications and injections to the intended mother to produce more than one egg in a month. This process is called ovarian stimulation. 
  1. Egg retrieval – Egg retrieval is a process where the expert performs minor surgery to collect eggs from the ovaries of the intended mother with the help of thin equipment. The surgery takes place in the clinic and doesn’t take much time; it is completed in less than an hour.  

  1. Sperm retrieval/ collection – on the day of the egg retrieval process, the sperm collection/retrieval procedure takes place. The doctor asks the intended father for the sperm sample collection. If the intended father is suffering from infertility then the doctor will perform the sperm retrieval process. It is a small surgery that doesn’t take much time.  
  1. Fertilization – This step is crucial. For this process, the expert combined the egg of the intended mother with the sperm of the intended father that has been collected through the egg and sperm retrieval process. The fertility expert combines both gametes in a cultured dish also known as a petri dish for fertilization. There is a special lab in the fertility centre Nepal to perform this procedure. After combining both of the gametes, the expert checks the progress on daily basis. After 3 to 5 days of the fertilization process, comes the time of the final step which is embryo transfer.

  1. Embryo transfer – For embryo transfer doctor selects an ideal embryo and transfer into the intended mother uterus through a minor surgery that doesn’t even take more than half an hour. The whole process was completed without any discomfort. 

After performing this whole process of IVF in Nepal, it is time to be patient and wait for the outcome which would be confirmed through a pregnancy test. Once the pregnancy is confirmed, it is considered a successful IVF cycle. 

What is advanced IVF treatment? 

One of the greatest qualities of IVF is that other fertility treatments can be combined with IVF to increase the actual success rate. When IVF combines with other fertility treatment is called advanced IVF treatment.  The advanced IVF treatment is beneficial in those cases where a woman or man is unable to get the positive result with basic IVF treatment. 

Different types of advanced IVF treatment

  1. IVF with donor egg
  2. IVF with donor sperm 
  3. IVF with ICSI
  4. IVF with surrogacy 

What is the process of IVF in Nepal with donor eggs? 

In some cases, self eggs are not appropriate for IVF or are unable to fertilize with sperm because of poor quality which decreased the chance of a positive outcome. At that time doctor suggests taking assistance of donor egg. Why donor egg is a better choice than self eggs? A woman who donates eggs is healthy, young, and super fertile. Her ova are of supreme quality and easy to fertilize with sperm. That is why donor egg is considered a better choice than self eggs. 

What is the process of IVF in Nepal with donor sperm? 

 Like IVF with donor egg, the motive of IVF with donor sperm is to increase the success rate of IVF treatment. In some cases of male infertility, using self sperm in treatment gives no outcome even after trying several times; donor sperm can turn out to be useful in this situation. Also, it has more chances to be successful in a single attempt.  

What is the process of IVF in Nepal with ICSI?   

In the ICSI procedure, a fertility expert injects a single sperm into the egg with the help of a tiny needle (called a micropipette).  When ICSI combines with IVF it eases the procedure as well as increases the chance s of fertilization that directly increases the chances of embryo formation. 

What is the process of IVF in Nepal with surrogacy?   

Surrogacy is a procedure where a woman lends her womb to a couple with infertility issues. The woman who lends her womb and carries the pregnancy is known as a surrogate or gestational carrier. The surrogate is fertile and healthy to carry the pregnancy which is one of the reasons for the high success rate of IVF with surrogacy. 

Note: Surrogacy is banned in Nepal. 

Why fertility centre Nepal is the best choice? 

Fertility centre Nepal is one of the leading and popular fertility centers in Nepal. Since 2014 it has helped many infertile couples in conceiving through assisted conception methods. Nepal where the infertility ratio is increasing day by day because of medical and non-medical reasons, fertility centre Nepal is giving its hundred percent in helping couples with infertility. The professionals of the fertility centre Nepal are the best in their field. Their dedication and research have brought many new lives into this world. 

Because of them, many houses are filled with the giggles of babies. Because of them, many women have been able to feel the emotions of being a mother. A woman is born with a softer side, when she sees a baby her heart overflows with emotions; she just wants to shower her immense love on that baby even if the baby is not hers. This emotion is called motherhood and fertility Centre Nepal is devoted to offering its services and treatments to those women and couples who are willing to experience that precious feeling of motherhood and parenthood but are unable to because of infertility issues. 

The success rate of fertility treatments such as IVF at fertility centre Nepal is higher than other fertility centers. The reason behind this is its advanced technology, experienced fertility experts, and dedication. 

The environment of the center is like it should be; homely. A homely environment helps patients to feel relaxed while undergoing the treatments and share everything about their conditions which helps a fertility expert in customizing the treatment according to the needs of the clients. 

Customized treatments have a higher chance of a positive outcome that is why our experts start the treatment with counseling to know their clients even better. 



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