IVF clinic Biratnagar- Most favored destination to achieve pregnancy

Literally IVF clinic Biratnagar is considered as the most favored destination to achieve pregnancy and to eliminate Infertility. Biratnagar is one of the beautiful cities of Nepal which is situated near the border of India that is Bihar and Biratnagar includes all services which is required. It has been observed that Biratnagar is the only city in Nepal which is offering more satisfaction to the people in IVF treatment as compared to other cities of Nepal.

IVF clinic Biratnagar is suggesting the people don’t waste time and utilize the treatment offered by IVF clinic Biratnagar, nobody know when you will lose the chance. IVF is represented as the in vitro fertilization mean fertilization take place in the laboratory that is outside human body and fertilization is defined as the process of fusion of female gamete and male gamete that is ovum and sperm respectively to develop an embryo and later after nine-month an embryo gets transformed into a baby. IVF clinic Biratnagar is offering different alternatives hope so that if one of the alternatives will fail to succeed than another can be tried. IN Vitro fertilization comprises some other mode of treatment to achieve or to increase the chance of pregnancy such as ICSI (intracytoplasmic sperm injection), IUI(intrauterine insemination), Surrogacy. Here, ICSI is such a method which involves placing an individual sperm into an egg and IUI is such a procedure in which sperm is directly placed into a uterus of women. Surrogacy is also the most acceptable alternatives to achieve pregnancy and It is classified into two types that is traditional surrogacy and gestational surrogacy.

Here tradition surrogacy is defined as the auxiliary process of achieving pregnancy by hiring a woman for nine-month and placing the sperm of intended father into her womb later fertilization is achieved and an embryo is evolved and finally it has been observed that the child carry the genetic character of hired women and the women treated for traditional surrogacy is known as traditional surrogate mother. And Gestational surrogacy is another artificial procedure to attain pregnancy by placing the fertilized embryo in the womb of hired women. This procedure is also known as the womb for rent. And in this surrogacy, there is no genetic link between surrogate mother and child so most of the people prefer this method. The lady treated for gestational surrogacy is known as gestational surrogate mother.

IVF center Biratnagar – Its one step leads you towards the child

Yes, Definitely One step of IVF center Biratnagar leads you towards the child which would be really appreciable. It has been noticed that IVF center Biratnagar is offering the best treatment because the treatment is proceeding under the supervision of highly skilled and experienced doctors at very reasonable and affordable cost. It has been found that IVF center Biratnagar is offering minimum cost of IVF as compared to any other cities of Nepal.


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