ICSI in Nepal – To beat the infertility issues

ICSI Treatment in Nepal is especially for the male members who are affected by the cause of infertility which means no sperms are available in male ejaculates or have the poor or low quality of sperm which is of no use and in such cases; it becomes difficult for women to conceive a baby.

Nearly more than half of the male members in Nepal are dealing with the cause of infertility and they are unaware about this and by the time they consult with good fertility experts they are already at the higher side of the infertility issue. However, there are varieties of infertility treatments available for male members in Nepal.

Available Treatments to treat male infertility

  • IVF with ICSI: ICSI Treatment in Nepal is one of the best available options for the couples who are undergoing the IVF. IVF with ICSI Treatment in Nepal will boost up the chances of couples to conceive a baby instead of using ICSI Treatment in Nepal alone. The couple with male infertility factor have the highest success rate by using IVF with ICSI Treatment in Nepal which is around 65-75% of the women who are under age of 35 years. ICSI Treatment in Nepal is a solution which can bypass all the hurdles of infertility issue such as low sperm count, poor quality of sperms, blockage or irreversible vasectomy which is stopping women from getting pregnant.
  • Surgery:Surgery is another option to treat male infertility where other non-surgical procedures are failed. The best part of the surgical procedure is that they can cure the male infertility issue and allow them for conception at home rather than in the laboratory.
  • TESA or PESA:These are the latest and modern techniques which help to get the sperm from the male ejaculates. During the IVF with ICSI in Nepal procedure, a single sperm is directly injected into the eggs, however, in case the sperm is not obtained from the male ejaculate, then they can be withdrawn by using the TESA (testicular sperm aspiration) or PESA (percutaneous epididymal sperm aspiration).
  • Hormone treatment:In case your hormones are imbalanced then your fertility expert will recommend you the most common fertility drug which is Clomid and you have to take this pill for about 3 to 6 months per day.

Clomid is the fertility drug which helps the pituitary gland of men to produce the FSH level (follicle stimulating hormone) and (LH) luteinizing hormone as they communicate with the testicles in order to produce sperm.

Success Rate of ICSI Treatment in Nepal

The success rate of the ICSI Treatment in Nepal is higher than the IVF and it also depends on the cause of infertility issue and your age.

The live birth rates for ICSI Treatment in Nepal are:

  • 65-75% for women under age 35
  • 55-65% for women ages 35 to 37
  • 45-55% for women ages 38 to 40
  • 35-45% for women ages over 40

If you compare the above success rate with any developed countries who find the Nepal has the highest success rate of taking the baby home by using ICSI Treatment in Nepal.

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