3 Ways to get Fertility Treatments

3 Ways to get Fertility Treatments

3 Ways to get Fertility Treatments

There are many couples who are not ready to conceive a baby immediately after their marriage, but the time when they plan to have a baby it becomes difficult for them to conceive. According to the study, the majority of couples will get pregnant within one year of regular unprotected intercourse; however, for the 15 to 29% of couples who struggle with infertility and negative pregnancy tests month after month can be frustrating for them. With the advancement in medical science, there are various fertility treatments are available to couples who need some extra help conceiving a baby.

The following are the 3 ways which help you in conceiving your baby and these are:

a)    Diagnosis of infertility: Schedule an appointment with a gynecologist if you are unable to conceive a baby even after a year of regular unprotected intercourse. Your doctor will evaluate the way you live and your sexual habits. After reviewing you and your partner your doctor may recommend some changes in sexual habits, and you will be entering a period of trial and error to see if your infertility problems can be resolved without invasive treatments. You may also undergo testing to determine if there is a physical cause for infertility which can be:

•    Women who were facing an issue with their monthly cycle and have not menstruated in six months or they are above the age of 30 years, they need to schedule an appointment to receive a diagnosis of infertility as soon as they suspect they are having trouble in conceiving a baby.

•    Men who are dealing with low or poor sperm count and women who had the previous history of recurring miscarriages, pelvic inflammatory disease, endometriosis, pelvic pain or unusual menstrual cycles need to consult a doctor before they begin trying to conceive a baby.

b)    Determining the cause of infertility: Consult with your doctor to determine the necessary tests which help in finding the cause of infertility and also that whether men or women or both are dealing with the cause of infertility. Your doctor may recommend both partners be tested depending on each person’s medical history. A medical history evaluation can help your doctor in prioritizing your treatment based on your medical report.

•    Women may undergo physical and ultrasound examinations and the doctor will also conduct the hormone testing, as well as another testing that is specific to women reproduction. Hysterosalpingography is a test in which your doctor injects fluid into the uterus of the women and after that, your doctor will use an X-ray to determine if the fluid proceeds to the fallopian tubes without encountering any damage or blockage. Your doctor may also recommend a laparoscopy, which is typically an outpatient procedure and it will be performed under general anesthesia. A laparoscopy is a procedure which allows your doctor to view inside your uterus and fallopian tubes by using a tiny fiber-optic telescope. They also recommend women to undergo genetic testing as it also gives some insight into what is causing the women fertility.

•    Like women, men also may undergo a general physical examination as well as an ultrasound examination to ensure the sexual organs are functioning properly. Y doctor will recommend you to have a semen analysis which will determine the number and quality of your sperm. Your doctor will also recommend having a blood test which helps in evaluating your hormone levels.

c)    Proceed with fertility treatments: After also tests are completed plan your fertility treatment with your fertility expert starting with the least invasive treatment first.

•    Your fertility expert will give you some fertility drugs which help hormone levels to get back on track and these are available for both men and women. The fertility experts at Fertility Center Nepal often recommend hormone therapy where the cause of infertility is unknown, even after testing. Hormone therapy may also be used in conjunction with another treatment.

•    The patients who deal with blockage and scarring within their reproductive system, for them the fertility expert recommend surgery as the best and permanent resolution. They recommend surgery for the patients with fibroids, ovarian cysts, endometriosis or genetic defects.

•    Artificial insemination is a solution to unexplained infertility. This is a procedure where the fertility expert will inject a concentrated amount of sperm directly into the women uterus during her ovulation. This is a simple fertility treatment given by the fertility experts at the Fertility Center Nepal when there is no known medical reason found which is preventing the couple from conceiving a baby.

•    If less invasive fertility treatment get failed to provide a successful outcome then artificial reproductive technologies such as in vitro fertilization (IVF), zygote intrafallopian transfer etc. are the treatments which will fulfill the dreams of many infertile couples. For men who are dealing with low sperm count or low sperm motility for them, the best treatment is Intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) in which your fertility expert will directly inject a single active sperm into harvested mature eggs. In some cases, the woman is unable to produce viable eggs, in such condition your fertility expert will suggest the egg donation treatment where they will borrow the eggs from healthy and fertile women under the age of 30 years and fertilized her eggs with the male member sperm to facilitate fertilization.

If women face an issue with her uterus and unable to carry pregnancy then the best option is surrogacy where a healthy and fertile woman will carry the baby in her womb for nine months and hand-over the baby to his/her intended parents after baby born.

•    The men who all are dealing with the issues such as premature ejaculation or impotence for them medication can help in addressing these problems and increase the chances of the couple’s to become pregnant.

•    With the advancement in fertility management, there are wide varieties of fertility drugs are available for the women who are not able to ovulate their own. The fertility experts at Fertility Center Nepal may prescribe some medications which help women to stimulate her ovaries and produce more mature and healthy eggs for fertilization.

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