best center in Nepal for IMSI treatment

Which is the Best Center in Nepal for IMSI Treatment?

The Fertility Center Nepal is the best center for IMSI treatment because of it a center which has enhanced the possibility to achieve pregnancy when ICSI treatment failed to provide the successful outcome. The fertility expert will suggest IMSI treatment in Nepal to those individuals who are dealing with the following:

•    The quality of sperm is decreased which is released by a male member.

•    The increased proportion of construction of sperm releasing is very uncommon.

•    Unsuccessful ICSI treatment.

Why IMSI treatment is performed?

IMSI is a treatment which is performed to improve the chance of male fertility. This procedure also helps in having normal embryo development. If you compare the traditional method of selecting sperm and assessing it, you will find IMSI is a much better procedure which uses lab tools to select sperm.

How does IMSI procedure works?

IMSI is a procedure in which the surgeon at Fertility Center Nepal uses a microscope with high power light which enhanced by digital imaging and this technique will help your embryologist to magnify the sample of sperm more than 6,000 times. With the help of this magnify instrument your embryologist will able to detect the problems which they are unable to identify through a normal microscope. Your embryologist will now select the sperm which is normal in shape and have the highest level of mobility.

IMSI is a procedure which is similar to ICSI. In this procedure also your fertility expert will give to some fertility drugs to your wife to stimulate the ovaries so that she will be able to produce more mature and healthy eggs for fertilization. Once the eggs are grown to 17-22mm in your wife ovaries, the fertility expert will collect her eggs and will give her a hormone injection of human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) which will be given to her around 36 to 38 hours before the egg are collected.

The fertility expert will perform IMSI procedure under general anesthesia and she will collect the eggs from your wife’s ovaries by using ultrasound-guided vaginal probe through which she locates the follicles and aspirates its contents. After this procedure, the fertility expert will place the women eggs in a culture dish in the IVF laboratory and then the embryologist will inject a single sperm very carefully into each egg of women to facilitate fertilization.

To whom IMSI treatment is recommended

The fertility experts will recommend the IMSI Treatment to those couples who have previously failed IVF cycles, or for the couples where male infertility is an issue which is stopping a fertile woman to get pregnant. IMSI treatment is little expensive as compared to traditional IVF treatment, however, if you compared the IMSI treatment cost in Nepal with other developed countries than you will find that Nepal is the reasonable country to have IMSI treatment with highest success rates. Till date, the success rate of IMSI treatment at Fertility Center Nepal is around 70 to 80% which is quite higher as compared to other developed countries like the USA, UK, Australia, Russia, etc.

Benefits of having IMSI treatment

IMSI is a treatment which is beneficial for the couples with the unexplained cause of infertility. This is a treatment in which your fertility expert will a healthy sperm by using the high power magnification instrument which gives 6,000 times to magnify the sperm sample and bypasses all defects which are decreasing the chances of a successful pregnancy. Also, IMSI is a treatment which provides benefits to those couples who had failed IVF with ICSI treatment and not able to achieve their goal of a successful pregnancy.

Is there any risk of IMSI treatment?

As we all know, that every surgical procedure is associated with some of the risks, the same goes with the IMSI Treatment as well it is also associated with some risk factors such as there can be higher chances of multiple pregnancies in IMSI treatment as compared to ICSI treatment. It has been found that IMSI is a treatment which is little expensive than ICSI because while performing IMSI procedure the fertility expert use the expensive state-of-the-art equipment and they also need specialized training to perform IMSI procedure.

Is IMSI treatment is useful for all?

It has been found that IMSI is a promising treatment in terms of improving the outcome of ICSI treatments. The people need to agree that high magnification which has been achieved by IMSI treatment contributes with a better evaluation of the aspirated sperm cell for the injection which provides the encouraging results. On the other hand, special instrumentation, prolonged sperm manipulation and the embryologists who are highly qualified and trained professionals to perform IMSI treatment will increase the cost-effectiveness of the procedure. Taking all the above-mentioned points into consideration, your fertility expert will provide you with the best counseling which helps you in undergoing for IMSI treatment and for a better chance to conceive a baby.

Cost of IMSI treatment in Nepal

It has been found that the cost of IMSI treatment in Nepal is quite expensive as they use the special state-of-art equipment to perform IMSI treatment and there is some of the cost of ICSI treatment is also added while performing IMSI. IMSI is a treatment which is performed by highly skilled and experienced fertility experts. This is also the reason that the cost of IMSI is little expensive than ICSI treatment, but if you compare the cost of IMSI treatment in Nepal with other developed countries like the USA, UK, Australia, Russia, Canada, etc. then you will find Nepal is a reasonable and affordable country for IMSI treatment.  Nepal is a country which is a very peaceful place and the Fertility Center Nepal is a center where you will find the positive energy around you and also you will find that your hope of having baby turning into reality.

Nowadays, Nepal has become the most favored destination for the people across the world because of reasonable IMSI treatment in Nepal as compared to other developed countries and the highest success rates for taking the baby home.

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