Know about tubal opening surgery in Nepal

Know about tubal opening surgery in Nepal

What are tubal blockage and its effects on female infertility?

The female and male reproductive parts are vital for a successful and healthy pregnancy. If the reproduction process fluctuates, that means any function has a problem. The female partner should have a healthy uterus, ovaries, eggs, cervix, fallopian tubes etc. for the best results. Every part is equally responsible for failure or success. Women with infertility issues can have problems with different parts as, fallopian tubes are crucial for the sperm’s journey to the eggs. These tubes connect the uterus and ovaries and help eggs travel in the ovaries and release inside the uterus. Its blockage or damage will affect reproductive function and cause female infertility.

It is the most common female infertility condition as many women face the same. The problem can be different as mild or severe and have abdomen pain. It causes symptoms in some women, and many are unaware of the tubal blockage. They face severe difficulty in becoming pregnant successfully. Sperm cannot meet the eggs and fertilize for the pregnancy results because eggs release from ovaries and travel into the uterus through fallopian tubes. Your expert can suggest tubal opening surgery in Nepal to open the blockage. The tubal opening surgery cost in Nepal is more reasonable than in western countries.

What can cause fallopian tubes blockage in Nepal?

Fallopian tubes obstruction is a common infertility problem in women. It affects their possibility of conceiving a healthy child successfully. It usually occurs due to any abnormal growth or blockage developing inside the tubal function. The following factors can affect the conventional process and grow obstruction inside the tubes:

  • The female partner has a history of pelvic inflammatory disease that scars the tubes and affects the reproductive system.
  • Sometimes, endometriosis tissues grow inside the fallopian tubes and can develop on other parts that become adhesion to the fallopian.
  • Any STI (Sexually Transmitted Infection) causes adhesion or scaring of fallopian tubes and infertility.
  • The fibroids that develop inside the uterus can affect the fallopian functions and cause blockage.
  • Any previous abdominal surgery can lead to fallopian tubes blockage and adhesion.
  • Your expert will diagnose the tubal blockage with a type of X-ray (Hysterosalpingography) HSG. The expert inserts a dye inside the uterus and fallopian tubes an x-ray will check.

What are the tubal opening treatments in Nepal?

You can have the affordable tubal opening surgery cost in Nepal and various processes. It increases the pregnancy chances of a female partner-facing infertility condition. Eggs do not fertilize in the fallopian blockage which affects the conception chances. Treatments help open the tubes with conventional function or assisted reproductive methods can use for a successful pregnancy.

  1. FTR (Fallopian Tube Recanalization): The process will not include any surgery or invasive technique. Your expert will use a speculum to open the vagina and insert a catheter inside the uterus through the cervix. They will inject a liquid compound inside the catheter and conduct an x-ray of the uterus and fallopian for the blockage. Another catheter or small tube will insert inside to remove the obstruction.
  2. Tubal ligation Reversal: The process involves invasive surgery that performs to reconnect the fallopian tubes. Some women have tubal ligation surgery at a younger age to prevent unwanted pregnancies. In future, if they want to become mothers, experts recommend tubal ligation reversal. It will include general anesthesia, and your doctor will make a small cut in the female abdomen and remove the blockage present inside. After the process, it will stitch and bandage by the expert.
  3. Salpingostomy, Fimbrioplasty : The expert makes an opening inside the fallopian tubes and removes the blockage inside the tubes without damage. They do not stitch the incision and leave it for curing on its own.
  4. Salpingectomy: The fallopian tubes with blockage or damage can remove by an expert. It will increase the pregnancy chances of IVF (In Vitro Fertilization). They can remove one fallopian tube o both tubes without a problem.

Do these treatments have health risks in Nepal?  

Yes, every process has side effects but does not happen often to every woman. Some women face health risks after the probes that have other problems

  • The FTR treatment performs by inserting the dye and using radiation frequency. It involves using a device that inserts into the female uterus through the vagina can affect other organs and cause infections. It increases the chance of ectopic pregnancy as the fertilized egg can attach to another part.
  • Tubal ligation reversal does not have confirmed chances of becoming successful after the process. It involves surgery and leads to infection, bleeding, organs injury, and affect from anaesthesia use.
  • Salpingostomy can cause uterine or other infection, scarring, or adhesion on the reproductive organs.
  • Salpingectomy increases the chances of ectopic pregnancy, infection, scarring, and adhesions.
How much does tubal opening surgery cost in Nepal?

The tubal opening surgery cost in Nepal is comparatively lower than in developed countries. People from different countries select Nepal for their infertility treatments at affordable prices. The cost of tubal opening surgery in Nepal will depend on various factors. Your expert recommends that less invasive surgery for the conventional functions will not increase the cost higher. The invasive and conception process will increase your total charges.

Some women require Assisted Reproductive Techniques (ARTs) influence the tubal opening surgery price in Nepal. IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) is the best process of ART that performs in fallopian tubes blockage and damage. It performs with the eggs and sperm of partners that fertilize outside the female uterus.

Where to have these procedures in Nepal with the best results?

The FERTILITY CENTRE NEPAL is the best for tubal opening surgery in Nepal. They have top experts for various infertility problems.  They perform procedures with advanced mechanisms and technologies borrowed from developed western countries. Their top specialists and doctors are highly experienced and skilled and focus on the comfort and happiness of partners. Your chances of becoming parents through the treatments are higher because many couples have successfully conceived. It considers the top centre for fertility treatments in Nepal.

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