Are you looking for a PGD in Nepal?

Are you looking for a PGD in Nepal?

A crucial reason for several miscarriages or pregnancy failures in many couples is the inherited disorders. It has a high transmission risk to the unborn child. Genetic disorders are common issues transmitted from parent to child or affect fertility. If you have a child with an inherited disorder and want to conceive another healthy child, your expert will recommend IVF with PGD. In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF) and Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD) are the best processes to control the transmission of any genetic disorder into the child. You will conceive a healthy child without spearing the issue into the child. It works with the Assisted Reproductive Technique (ART), which collects the eggs and sperm of partners outside the body for fertilization and sends them to the lab for genetic testing.

Why select PGD in Nepal?

Selecting infertility treatments in Nepal is the best decision because of the affordable cost. People from different countries choose treatments in Nepal because of their highly reasonable expenses. The pgd cost in nepal is highly suitable with IVF assistance than in developed countries. It provides a higher chance of healthy pregnancy for partners. The pgd in nepal performs with the advanced technologies and techniques. It helps in many infertility conditions of partners and provides a healthy conception. Many people have questions about the process, such as is PGD legal in Nepal.

Can any person become a parent through PGD etc.? PGD is only legal in Nepal for patients seeking help for genetic disorders presence and transmission to their children.

Can PGD provide a successful pregnancy in Nepal?

The pgd in nepal helps in many infertility conditions, affecting couples’ chances of conceiving a healthy child. Your chances of having a healthy child will improve because of the process. If you cannot become a parent, the fertility specialist recommends treatment for various issues. You have a previous child with a known genetic disorder that will require the procedure for another healthy child. Your fertility expert will recommend the PGD process with IVF in the following conditions:

  • The maternal age is more than 35 years old, which affects the eggs’ health, and the cells get a genetic mutation that affects the pregnancy results.
  • The couple has faced miscarriages in the past year without any visible reason. The inherited disorder is the main reason for miscarriages.
  • Your previous IVF (In-Vitro Fertilization) process not successful provides the pregnancy result.
  • You have an unexplained reason for infertility that cannot determine with several tests.
  • The male partner faces infertility conditions like poor sperm production, health, quality, quantity, movement, and morphology.
  • You have a previous baby with known genetic issues like Down syndrome or others.
  • You have single-gene disorders like cysts, fibrosis, diseases, or other factors.

What is the process of IVF and PGD in Nepal?

The PGD performs with IVF for the pregnancy results in Nepal. The PGD works as the testing of the embryos occurs in IVF with the eggs and sperm fertilization. It fertilizes outside the female womb by the expert retrieving it outside. It provides better pregnancy results for couples facing infertility issues. Various stages accomplish with advanced techniques and technologies. After the negative outcome of genetic testing, the process starts again for a successful conception. The following are the stages of IVF with the PGD process in Nepal:

Ovarian Stimulation: The egg production through the ovaries will increase with the fertility medicines recommended by the fertility expert. It wi-ll stimulate the female ovaries to function properly to produce healthy and multiple eggs in ovulation. The hormonal injection will help release the mature eggs inside the uterus.
Egg retrieval: The eggs will collect from the female uterus by the expert. They will use transvaginal ultrasound with a catheter. A speculum will open the cervix wide, and the catheter with light and camera will insert inside the vagina, cervix, and uterus. It will locate the eggs present in the uterus and use a needle to aspirate the eggs from the follicles. The doctor will collect the male semen sample for preparing and selecting healthy sperm.
Fertilization: In the conventional IVF process, the eggs and sperm will place together on a Petri plate and fertilize with each other, but many times, sperm stay outside the eggs. It has an impact on embryo quality & genetic testing outcomes. Your expert will suggest ICSI (Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection) for improved results. Your expert will fill the healthy sperm injection and injects it directly into the eggs to inseminate the eggs. After four to five days, the fertilized eggs will divide into cells.
Embryo testing: The fertilized eggs in the centre will send to the laboratory for embryo biopsy on the third or fifth day. The top embryologist tests the fertilized eggs to determine the genetic disorder condition. The expert will retrieve one or two cells from the fertilized eggs on the third day. On the fifth day of embryo biopsy, they will collect several cells (more than three to four). The cells will check for the different genetic disorders’ presence.
Transfer: After one or two days, the genetic testing results will confirm negative or positive. It will send to the centre for pregnancy confirmation. If the test results are negative, the fertilized eggs will insert into the female uterus through a catheter. It will stick into the female uterine lining and start growing. The pregnancy result will confirm after two weeks of the fertilized egg implantation.

What are the benefits of PGD with IVF in Nepal?

The pgd nepal helps with many problems affecting the possibility of partners conceiving a healthy child. It causes several miscarriages and failures in the pregnancy. A couple can have a healthy kid without passing on any genetic disorders using IVF and the PGD process. It has many benefits, such as:

  • The IVF with pgd treatment nepal cost in Nepal is much more affordable than in developed countries.
  • The expert can identify and discard the fertilized eggs with a genetic or inherited disorder.
  • It increases the chances of a healthy and successful pregnancy because of the super quality fertilized eggs transferred into the womb.
  • You have a lower risk of pregnancy failure or miscarriage with the IVF and PGD process.
How much does IVF with PGD cost in Nepal?

The pgd cost nepal is much lower than in developed countries and does not cause a large hole in the patient’s pocket. The IVF cost in Nepal ranges from NPR 3,40,000 to NPR 3,50,000. It can be more than NPR 5,00,000, which will depend on your fertility conditions and the treatment required. The cost of pgd in nepal will include and affect the IVF cost. Various factors are responsible for the IVF cost influence in Nepal.

The best centre for many infertility treatments in Nepal is FERTILITY CENTRE NEPAL. They have advanced procedures and highly up-to-date techniques for treatments. They have had experienced doctors and fertility specialists with higher certifications for many years. Your chances of becoming a parent through the treatments in the centre will increase. You can have affordable costs in the centre through their packages and financial assistance.


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