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IVF cost in Biratnagar for standard IVF treatment at Fertility Center Nepal ranges from NPR 2 80,000 to 3 40,000 for a single fresh IVF cycle. However, the cost for an IVF treatment in Biratnagar depends on the couple’s age, recurring history of miscarriages, number of cycles used, body weight, eating habits, living lifestyle, and much more. People looking for an IVF treatment in Biratnagar then need to visit Fertility Center Nepal and meet our fertility specialist to know which IVF treatment is suitable for them and the actual cost of the IVF treatment in Biratnagar Fertility Center Nepal.

IVF Treatment Cost in Biratnagar

Fertility Treatments with IVFCost in NPR
IVF (using self eggs & sperm)3,40,000
IVF (using Egg Donor)4,80,000 (additional cost of donor egg Nepal is NPR 1,40,000-1,50,000)
IVF (using Sperm donor)3,90,000 (Donor sperm if combined with IVF then it costs separately NPR 50,000)
ICSI with IVF3,40,000 (Cost of IVF and ICSI both are same)
IMSI with IVF3,90,000 (additional cost of IMSI is NPR 50,000)
PICSI with IVF3,90,000 (PICSI cost is NPR 50,000)
TESA with IVF4,00,000 (TESA costs NPR 50,000)

What’s the procedure of an IVF treatment in Biratnagar?

IVF is a surgical procedure in which the fertility experts at Fertility Center Nepal in Biratnagar fertilize the eggs and sperms of the biological parents. Once the embryo gets formed, it will place it into the recipient uterus via a fine thin needle called a catheter. After 14 days of the embryo, the transfer couple visits the Fertility Center Nepal for the pregnancy check-up. If the results are positive, then the pregnancy will continue as a normal one. After nine months, the couple will see their baby; however, if the first IVF treatment attempt in Biratnagar fails, couples can repeat the procedure or opt for the advanced IVF procedure.

If couples wish to go for an advanced IVF procedure, they need to speak to their fertility specialist. They are the ones who suggest the suitable advanced IVF procedure.

Fertility Centre Nepal is one of the leading IVF centres. Biratnagar provides the best infertility treatment such as IVF, IUI, ICSI at a low cost in Nepal. the Factors that affect the fertility are

1. Age: A couple’s age is one of the most significant factors that impact the IVF cost in Biratnagar. The couples with growing age need more fertility drug dosage to increase the egg and sperm production for successful fertilization, resulting in increased IVF treatment cost for a single cycle. Therefore, the fertility experts at Fertility Center Nepal recommend IVF treatment for couples below 35 to achieve a successful outcome at a reasonable cost.

2. Number of cycles required: Couples who need more than one fresh IVF cycle to conceive a baby will bear the increased cost of IVF treatment in Biratnagar as per the number of cycles they used to achieve a successful outcome.

3. Bodyweight: The bodyweight of the couples also increase the cost of IVF treatment in Biratnagar for one fresh IVF cycle, if it is more or less than the body mass index (BMI), then the cost for IVF will increase because couples need extra fertility dosage to increase the production of eggs and sperm. The fertility experts advise the couples to maintain the ideal body weight when they plan for IVF treatment.

4. Living style: Living style and eating habits impact the overall IVF treatment cost in Biratnagar. E.g. the couples who consume more alcohol or harmful drugs and eat unhealthy food decrease the quality of eggs and sperms, making fertilization difficult. Therefore, for achieving the highest success rates at a reasonable cost, the couple needs to quit alcohol or other harmful drugs and start eating nutritious and healthy food, which secures their fertility and help them to conceive a baby.

How much does the medication cost for IVF treatment in Biratnagar?

IVF cost for medication in Biratnagar under Fertility Center Nepal is very reasonable. The cost of the medicines that used for suppression, stimulation, and supplementation is very affordable in Biratnagar; however, if the age of the couples is above 35, then the medication cost increase because older coupler requires a high dosage of fertility drug to produce multiple numbers of healthy eggs and sperms for fertilization.

For suppressing women ovaries, the fertility experts at Fertility Center Nepal recommend medications like Antagon, Lupron, and Cetrotide. For stimulating ovaries, they recommend medications like Menopur, Follistim, Gonal-F, and Bravelle. For progesterone supplementation, they recommend Endometrin and Crinone and for estrogen supplementation Vivelle and Estrace. These medications are part of the IVF package communicated to the couples before the IVF procedure begins.

The IVF cost for medications at Fertility Center Nepal ranges from NPR 12,000 to NPR 2 50,000, depending on the type of medication couples need and how much dosage they need. Will give all the prescribed medications to the couples in the pills form; if the couple needs them in the form of injection, they are available at Fertility Center Nepal. Still, the couple needs to bear a little extra cost for the injectable medications.

What is the procedure to perform standard IVF treatment in Biratnagar?

The method to perform a standard IVF treatment in Biratnagar is a simple surgical procedure wherein the fertility experts will retrieve the woman eggs from her ovaries and mix them with the donor sperm or genetic father’s sperm to ease the fertilization step. Once the fertilization occurs, the formed embryo will be implanted into the uterus of the birth mother, and the experts will wait for the pregnancy to occur.

After 14 days of embryo transfer, the couples need to visit the IVF clinic in Biratnagar under Fertility Center Nepal for a pregnancy check-up, which will be conducted by specialists using ultrasound for hearing the infant’s heartbeat. Once the fertility expert hears the heartbeat, it indicates a confirmed pregnancy. Then, the couple will be released from the fertility clinic to the local gynaecologist, where the pregnancy will continue and grow as a normal pregnancy.

The entire procedure will be performed outside the woman’s body but in the IVF lab under the supervision of highly qualified and skilled lab technicians.

It is a single fresh IVF cycle procedure; if couples were unable to achieve the successful result in one cycle, then they can repeat the process to conceive a baby where the embryologist will perform the embryo transfer with the left-over embryos from the first fresh IVF cycle of the couples.

Suppose couples do not wish to repeat the IVF cycle and want a baby through other assisted reproductive techniques. In that case, they need to speak to the fertility expert for the advanced IVF procedures that help them conceive a baby.

Why has Fertility Center Nepal become a preferred choice of many couples from other countries?

Fertility Center Nepal is one of the best and leading IVF clinics in Biratnagar that help many childless couples in conceiving a baby by offering them a reasonable and affordable cost of fertility treatments. However, showing a good price doesn’t mean that this fertility centre will compromise the quality of the treatment. The reason behind offering such a reasonable cost is that the experts of Fertility Center Nepal conduct a survey. After analyzing the study, they came to know that more than half of the population worldwide deal with the cause of infertility, and it is because of cost and lack of knowledge for fertility treatments.

The fertility professionals of this clinic decide to organize camps in rural and urban areas to provide them with the best knowledge on fertility treatments and their cost. With these initiatives, people in large number are aware of the benefits of fertility treatments, and it makes the Fertility Center Nepal the best and most demanded fertility centre worldwide.

People now from other developed countries like the USA, UK, Australia, Canada, etc., travelling to Nepal for the fertility treatments at Fertility Center Nepal. We feel proud that we have the best and qualified fertility experts who make this fertility centre the best among various other fertility clinics in Nepal. The numbers of visitors at Fertility Center Nepal are increasing rapidly every year.

IVF Cost in Biratnagar

A Beat Down Package of IVF Cost in Biratnagar

Why the individual settles on IVF treatment? It is because of a single reason- Infertility. Infertility means a couple is unable to achieve a tag of pregnancy after 1 year of having unprotected intercourse. This disorder affects both women and men. A man is considered as infertile if he has too less sperm count or his sperm are morphologically unfit to perform fertilization. A woman is said as infertile when she has tried for more than six months to get pregnant and hasn’t used any of the birth control, still, she couldn’t make the grade to welcome motherhood. This time IVF fertility treatment is the most efficacious option to go for.

If talking about IVF Cost in Biratnagar, it is not that easy to pay neither it is that difficult. Since IVF treatment is one of the advances and productive treatment to elucidate infertility cause, it is quite expensive than other basic fertility treatments such as IUI treatment, ovulation induction treatment etc. However, it is easy to pay IVF Charges in Biratnagar and is not at all beyond the reach by the infertile couples. Fertility Centre Nepal is the ongoing and leading fertility clinic that not only brings forth IVF medication giving high success rate but also it provides affordable IVF Cost in Biratnagar.

IVF in Biratnagar is the best medication to say Goodbye of your Infertility disorder. IVF Cost in Biratnagar is affordable and reasonable by each infertile couple those who are seeking for the best and affordable cost of IVF treatment. IVF Charges in Biratnagar is based on a marked down package and this is the reason why the package of IVF Biratnagar is popular for its logical and fair-minded cost amongst infertile couples.

IVF Cost in Biratnagar is far reasonable and easy to pay by each infertile couple’s pocketbook. IVF Charges in Biratnagar is NPR 3,40,000.

Each and every step, which is included in IVF Cost in Biratnagar mentioned in the given table. Given below is the procedure that comes in the IVF package of Biratnagar.


      IVF Cost in Biratnagar includes –                                  Cost in NPR

This medication involves-

  • Consultation charges
  • Initial tests
  • Fertility medication
  • Trans-vaginal ultrasounds & blood hormonal tests                                  NPR 3,40,000
  • Trigger shot injection
  • Egg retrieval procedure
  • Fertilization
  • Embryo transfer

IVF fertility treatment can be combined with several other ART techniques to get favorable result according to the requirement of male or female fertility issue.

During IVF treatment, many times it is found that male partner’s sperms become unable to penetrate with the egg due to its low sperm count or maybe less motility, this time IVF with ICSI treatment is done. In ICSI treatment, a single sperm (most motile and morphologically fit sperm) is injected into the egg to get the productive result of fertilization.

IVF Charges in Biratnagar differs on the basis of these treatments, when any technique is combined with IVF treatment then IVF Cost in Biratnagar changes. Let’s read some other different IVF Charges in Biratnagar when IVF is combined with another method such as IVF with an egg donor, IVF with sperm etc.

IVF Cost in Biratnagar using egg donor and sperm donor –

IVF- an advance medication, where sperms and eggs are fertilized outside, as soon as fertilization happens, on the fourth day of it, the embryo is placed into the uterus for implantation.

As mentioned above that IVF is that technique which many times applied with several other techniques, right now we will discuss IVF cost in Biratnagar using donor egg and also about IVF charges in Biratnagar using donor sperm.

IVF fertility treatment using egg donor is widely accepted by those infertile females, who are not able to unleash healthy eggs at the time of egg assortment procedure during IVF treatment. For healthy fertilization, female’s eggs must be full of standard quality. If the eggs are not capable to be fertilized with the sperm then it will be hard to get healthy fertilization. When this case happens, then the fertility experts recommend the couple to go IVF with an egg donor.

During egg donor, a female, who will be donating her eggs will have to undergo a traditional normal IVF steps until the procedure of her eggs assortment. Once she gives her eggs, her role is over, rest of her recovery done by the clinic itself. IVF charges in Biratnagar is NPR 4,90,000 (where egg donor cost is NPR 1,50,000)

        IVF Cost in Biratnagar                               Cost in NPR

  IVF Charges in Biratnagar using egg donor                                  NPR 4,90,000

Now, let’s focus our information on IVF Cost in Biratnagar using a sperm donor. During egg donor, a female gives her own healthy eggs at the time of fertilization, and in IVF with a sperm donor, a male gives his sperms at the time of fertilization.

So, you must have guessed when the sperm donor is recommended to the couple, it’s when the male partner is unable to produce average count of sperms, has less motility and morphologically abnormal shape. IVF Cost in Biratnagar using sperm donor is NPR 3,90,000.

        IVF Cost in Biratnagar                            Cost in NPR

     IVF Charges in Biratnagar using donor sperm                              NPR 3,90,000



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