IVF Charges in Pokhara

Undergo IVF medication by Choosing Marked Down Cost of IVF in Pokhara

Guess! The readers would have sound knowledge about IVF medication; Isn’t it? If not, then let’s begin from the starting- what is IVF and why it is widely accepted as the universal remedy to treat for infertility issue.

IVF- It is an advanced fertility medication, which is used to disentangle any of the infertility obstacles. Infertility- a disorder, where either a male unable to impregnate his partner or the female is incompetent for releasing healthy and fine quality of eggs when this situation occurs in any of the partners- that means he or she is infertile.

IVF- It is a fertility medication that is used to get rid of infertility matter and is the panacea for almost every kind of fertility-related problem.

IVF – IVF in Pokhara is performed with the veteran and experience fertility experts, thus it gives decent success rate. There are several factors, which contributes success rate in IVF Pokhara, out of them some are- Age of the female, embryo quality, egg quality, semen motility, a fertility clinic, and fertility experts’ experience.

If we talk about IVF Cost in Pokhara, then we will get to know that IVF charges although costs more than artificial insemination procedure (IUI) but it gives far better results than other fertility medication. IVF Charges Pokhara is not that too much costly, it is easily achievable by the patients who are seeking for the best and reasonable IVF Cost in Pokhara.

Why go for IVF Cost in Pokhara?

Cost never matters in front of successful results and that too if you are planning to undergo IVF treatment with Fertility centre Nepal, then no need to be a worry. Fertility Centre Nepal is one of the head-most ART specialist clinics to solve any matter of infertility issue.

IVF Cost in Pokhara is far reasonable and easy to pay by each infertile couple’s pocketbook. IVF Charges in Pokhara is NPR 3,40,000.

IVF Cost in Pokhara includes – Cost in NPR
This medication involves-

  • Consultation charges
  • Initial tests
  • Fertility medication
  • Trans-vaginal ultrasounds & blood hormonal tests
  • Trigger shot injection
  • Egg retrieval procedure
  • Fertilization
  • Embryo transfer





NPR 3,40,000


You must know about IVF medication that it is sometimes combined with several other ART techniques to get rid of the patient’s concern disorder. By that time if applied with other techniques, IVF charges in Pokhara gets varied accordingly.

IVF Cost in Pokhara using an Egg Donor and Sperm Donor –

IVF- a medication, where eggs and sperms are fertilized outside and once embryo forms, two of the best embryos are handpicked by the specialists and transferred into the uterus of the female.

As mentioned above, IVF is applied with many techniques, two of them, we are discussing now is IVF cost in Pokhara using donor egg and IVF charges in Pokhara using donor sperm.

IVF treatment with a donor egg is accepted by those sterile couples, wherein the female partner unable to produce the healthy quality of eggs, here healthy means that- eggs are powerless or inadequate to be fertilized with the sperm. This may due to the increased age of the female or inability to unleash healthy eggs. In this case, IVF is done using an egg donor. The egg donor is available in donor banks or fertility clinics. The main role of the egg donor is giving her eggs i.e. till the egg retrieval procedure, as soon as she gives her own eggs for the method of fertilization, her role gets completed.

IVF Cost in Pokhara using donor egg is NPR 4,90,000- where egg donor cost is NPR 1,50,000.

Now, if we look at the cost of IVF using donor sperm in Pokhara, it is much reasonable than other fertility clinics.

Let’s gain some info regarding IVF procedure with sperm donor in Pokhara. As it is mentioned above how the treatment goes with a donor egg, the somewhat same process is there in sperm donor, only one thing is changed that their eggs were given by the female donor and here the sperms are given by the male donor.

IVF charges in Pokhara using sperm donor is NPR 3,90,000 (where sperm donor cost in Pokhara is NPR 50,000)

Summary –

This is all about IVF cost in Pokhara, summarize in short about IVF charges in Pokhara –

  • IVF with self egg and self sperm – NPR 3,40,000
  • IVF with donor eggs- NPR 4,90,000
  • Egg donor cost – 1,50,000
  • IVF treatment with Donor sperm cost- NPR 3,90,000
  • Donor sperm cost – NPR 50,000












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