Hysteroscopy treatment in Nepal at affordable cost.

What is hysteroscopy in Nepal?

Today, the advancement of science is touching the sky and has made the journey more convenient. Just a single switch touch manages your entire household. The latest methods through science ensure that any disease or problem is not left untreated. Hysteroscopy is the best process that views the inner condition of a female uterus. It performs by inserting a device inside the female uterus through the vagina. It has a light and a camera to make the inside visible to the expert. They can locate any issue present inside the uterus and treat it for better health. It is an advanced approach that does not require incisions or cuts on the female abdomen. It does not leave any scars or take a long time for recovery. Patients can continue their work in just a few days after the procedure.

People in developed countries cannot afford the procedure because it is too expensive. Many patients select growing nations for their more reasonable and suitable processes. The hysteroscopy cost in Nepal is highly affordable than in Canada, the U.S.A., the U.S., Russia, and other countries. Hysteroscopy Nepal is available in many centres with the latest technologies.  

How does it help in female infertility in Nepal?

Hysteroscopy is the best procedure for testing female infertility issues. It examines the uterus, ovaries, and fallopian tubes’ health inside the body. Your expert can use the process to check the inside condition or perform surgery to remove the problem.

It can examine different issues:-

  • The various symptoms can check through it as the uterus’s health and other organs condition will show on the monitor.
  • The woman has heavy bleeding, irregular menstruation, spotting, or bleeding between periods.
  • You have symptoms or a risk of having uterine cavity issues or fibroids,
  • The female who is suffering from the severe lower back, abdomen, or pelvic pain
  • Multiple miscarriages or inability to conceive after many attempts

It can treat different problems:- 

  • You have fibroids, non-cancerous growths inside the uterus that hysteroscopy can remove.
  • The woman has endometriosis and a heavy uterine lining that causes infertility.
  • Dilation and curettages perform with hysteroscopic surgery that removes the abnormal growths inside the uterus.
  • Any adhesion or uterine malformation can treat by the process.  

What is the hysteroscopic procedure in Nepal?

Hysteroscopy in Nepal is the best process for different problems related to female fertility. It performs with an advanced instrument inserts inside the female vagina and uterus. It locates the difficulties present inside the female reproductive tract and removes them with the latest technologies. It is the most successful and least invasive method of eliminating the infertility problems present inside the body. It has two modes of operation: diagnostic and operative.

  1. Diagnostic: This process uses to determine the issues that produce the symptoms that women are experiencing. Your expert will recommend it in pelvic pain, heavy periods, spotting, abnormal bleeding, heaviness in your abdomen, etc. It will diagnose the problem through a camera attached to the instrument.
  2. Operative: It can treat the issue right away by locating it. The small surgical instruments will insert into the uterus to remove the problem and manage the conventional function. It treats fibroids, polyps, endometriosis, and other issues causing infertility or other difficulties.

Hysteroscopic Procedure in Nepal:

  1. Your expert will prepare you for the process with general anaesthesia. It will put you in a state of unconsciousness, and you will not feel any pain or discomfort during any incision.
  2. A speculum will use by your expert to open the vagina and cervix. It will help them insert the hysteroscope inside the female uterus.
  3. A light and camera-equipped instrument (hysteroscope) will be inserted into the vagina to examine the cervix and uterus.
  4. Your expert will insert a solution or carbon dioxide gas inside the uterus will expand and clear the blood and mucus from the female reproductive tract.
  5. The light will focus on the different parts, and the camera will send images to the expert monitor. Your doctor will check the uterus and fallopian tubes for health.
  6. Your conditions will require surgery or removal so the expert will insert the small surgical devices inside the uterus through the vagina. It will remove the problems and manage the functions.
  7. The surgical instruments and hysteroscope will remove from the female uterus.  

How can hysteroscopy costs vary in Nepal?

The hysteroscopy cost in Nepal is lower than in different countries. The affordable cost of Hysteroscopy in Nepal includes anaesthetic, liquid solution, and other expenses, is very reasonable. Your hysteroscopy price in Nepal will depend on different parameters and factors.

Uterus problems

Your uterus condition has the problem of endometriosis, fibroids, polyps, or any other non-cancerous growth. The size and location of the problem will influence the hysteroscopy cost Nepal.


If you have a critical problem or severe allergy to anaesthesia, will not perform as your expert will use different sedative medicines that increase the cost of hysteroscopy in Nepal.

Process requirement:

You are selecting a process for diagnosing the issues that locate the problem so surgery will perform at the same time.

Additional process:

Other approaches like dilation and curettages or laparoscopy will increase the cost of your hysteroscopy Nepal.

What are the hysteroscopic benefits and risks to female health?

Hysteroscopy has many advantages that make the process more beneficial in different infertility problems of the female. It performs with minimal pain because no incision or cut requires making on the body. It will lower your risk of infection from the wound or any cut. Only anaesthesia performs in the process, and some pain-relieving medicines do not affect the health, unlike in other surgeries.

Some females have a few consequences of the process that affect their health, like:-

  • Uterine infection can cause by the device inserted inside the female uterus.
  • A few females have problems with anaesthesia use that cause allergies.
  • Breathing issues
  • Heavy bleeding and severe pelvic pain
  • Any reaction to the liquid solution used in the process.

The best hysteroscopy clinic in Nepal (FERTILITY CENTRE NEPAL) tries to perform treatment procedures with minimal pain and discomfort. They have top fertility doctors and specialists with extensive expertise and certification. They perform processes with the latest technologies and top-notch approaches.


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