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Standard and Nominal Package of ICSI Cost in Nepal

ICSI – ICSI is one of the productive male infertility treatments to untwist male sterility issue. Male infertility is of few types; one of it, we are discussing now is the symptom, where the male produces low sperm count and unleashes less motility of the sperm. This makes the male partner unable to impregnate his female and at the end, the result is No Pregnancy. ICSI, as mentioned above is the medication, which is followed by IVF or test tube baby course. ICSI Cost in Nepal is also based in a marked down package so that each infertile male can undergo this treatment without any worry.

Seeking for best ICSI treatment cost in Nepal –

Before going for further discussion about ICSI treatment cost in Nepal, we should gain some surface knowledge about this treatment.

Since it is stated that ICSI treatment Nepal is always followed by IVF treatment, the sum amount of ICSI Charges in Nepal will consist of IVF medication as well and the procedure of ICSI technique. ICSI treatment comes in one of the major and advance fertility treatment in ART technique and hence, it is accepted as one of the efficacious male fertility treatment.

You must be very curious to know the exact ICSI Cost in Nepal, disclosing the curtains of ICSI treatment cost in Nepal, here we are it is NPR 4 lakh. This package consists of each and every medication of IVF and the procedure of ICSI Charges in Nepal.

icsi cost nepal

Why to choose ICSI Charge in Nepal –

Agree that ICSI Charge in Nepal is not that easy to pay but fertility Centre Nepal is offering ICSI Cost Nepal in one of the most affordable prices compared with other fertility clinics.

If we talk about the specialty of Fertility Centre Nepal, then we will get to know that this is the clinic, which gives the best ICSI therapeutic with a high success rate. To get a positive outcome, ICSI treatment success rate depends upon several things like the age of the female, her eggs quality, and male partner sperms motility.

Fertility Center Nepal performs ICSI treatment with master hands fertility specialists. The entire team of the fertility team is marvelous and well co-ordinated. Handling the patients, consultation, guidance, and the treatment- all these things are done in a professional way and very calmly by the team.

Who are the best and suitable couple to go for ICSI treatment Nepal –?

  • Dysfunction in male partner Ejaculation
  • Women whose fallopian tube is blocked or removed
  • Inadequate sperms counts
  • Less motility of sperms
  • Abnormal shape of the sperm
  • If the couple is unable to do intercourse due to any biological or medical reason.
  • For same- sex couples, ICSI treatment is also advised.

Procedure of ICSI ministration is as simple as ABC –

As you all have undergone information about ICSI Charges in Nepal, we will know how this procedure takes place. Why it is known as one of the most generative fertility treatment to treat with male infertility.

ICSI treatment Nepal starts with stimulation of ovaries, for stimulation of the ovaries, female takes hormonal injection and fertility drugs. These drugs stimulate the follicles in return eggs to get matured and one more thing is that these medications facilitate multiple eggs, which at the time of egg retrieval obtains by the fertility experts. These eggs are monitored with the ultrasounds and hormonal tests. Once the specialist confirms that eggs are ready to be retrieved, these eggs are pulled out with the assistance of a hollow needle. Multiples eggs are obtained at this stage and then withhold on a culture dish.

Now the step of male partner begins, on the same day of egg retrieving procedure, the semen sample is also collected by the male. The fertility expert then handpicks the healthy and motile sperm for the further procedure.

Once the sperm is chosen by the expert, it is directly injected into the egg, which has been retrieved by the female. After 2-3 days of fertilization, these eggs are called embryo, later on, two of the best embryo is transferred into the uterus of the female.

ICSI is a more advanced form of IVF treatment and thus it gives a more effective outcome than IVF treatment (only if the male is facing with male infertility disorder). At fertility Centre Nepal, the entire ICSI treatment Nepal is plain sailing and easy to reach. Here, ICSI treatment Cost Nepal is of total transparency and crystal clear, there are not any further charges during the treatment, is supposed to ask with the patient.



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