IVF: Myth or Expectation

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IVF is something, people think twice before taking treatment. IVF is expensive to process but gives maximum successful results. People have negative thinking related to IVF due to IVF tests and its expenses.
IVF is mostly mistreated in the world. Once upon a time people thinks IVF is something that is only affordable by the rich people. But nowadays IVF becomes a very common treatment for infertility.
If you are a typical woman, you may have chosen to put off “making babies” until you were through with college, met a nice man to settle down with and marry, and spend that 1.5 to 2 years of wedded. By this time, the questions from friends and family members have started and the ones that go like this “Are you going to have kids?”.
And if you are sick of seeing the negative pregnancy results and your heart breaks a bit more when you start getting “baby news” from friends, and you start getting visibly frustrated when people continue to say “just relax, and it will happen” then IVF is the best option to choose.
This is necessary to choose your doctor carefully because “ single wrong advice can ruin your future” . You should go through the research before you choose a doctor.The question is whether this technology can be used in a morally safe or not. During IVF, mature eggs are received from ovaries and fertilized by sperm in a lab. After this fertilized eggs or eggs are well established in the uterus.Some of the ways that they try to do this are to implant no more than three embryos in the mother, make sure that it is the husband’s sperm and the wife’s egg, and freeze the leftover for future implantation.
IVF was originally devised to overcome infertility caused by blocked or absent fallopian tubes. Today, IVF is used to treat much more reproductive problems, including irregular ovulation, low sperm count or motility, and unexplained infertility. If you have a child conceived by IVF it is important to understand that each and every child conceived by IVF is precious, beautiful and loved by God. Every child is legitimate but not every means of conception is morally defensible.

People have a great myth for IVF that IVF does not give the successful results. But they all forget that God is the author of life. People die all the time but that does not mean we can cause a situation which puts our children’s lives into grave danger. Although IVF has a 10-20% success rate, each embryo has a 99% chance of dying.
IVF treatment is now available in every country at very low cost. IVF is very common these days. Sometimes IVF gives unbelievable results. In the whole IVF journey, you need to a patient because IVF gives you some sad and bad results. This is very necessary to be happy and be calm in the whole IVF process to get positive results.

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