Do’s and Don’ts for Ensuring Successful Pregnancy

Do’s and Don’ts for Ensuring Successful Pregnancy Using IVF Treatment

IVF or In Vitro Fertilization is an increasing popular fertility treatment performed to cure infertility issues in couples. The number of infertility cases is on the rise across the world and due to which infertile couples seek IVF treatment in order to have a baby. Infertility is when a couple cannot conceive despite the recurrent attempts of trying to get pregnant for six months to a year.

One of the leading causes behind infertility is unhealthy habits that people are accustomed to, bad lifestyle habits, high-stress levels, health problems, trying to conceive at a later age, etc. Due to these various reasons, the couples fail at conceiving and have to take the assistance of fertility treatment to accomplish their dream of enjoying parenthood. IVF is one of the most famous and extensively performed assisted reproductive techniques to help infertile couples conceive.

In an IVF treatment, fertilization occurs outside the human body or without the aid of a human body. This way it bypasses various steps involved in the natural process of attaining conception due to which the couple were not able to conceive naturally and makes pregnancy attainable. The male and female gametes that are used in the fertility treatment are analyzed carefully for finding any anomalies and removing them for an effective embryo formation and effectuating a healthy pregnancy, which helps in enhancing the chances of healthy IVF pregnancy.

Infertile couples choose IVF treatment for receiving the best results in their fertility treatment and achieving their dream of having a baby. Fertility Centre Nepal is a prominent medical tourism agency in Nepal offering the services of well-qualified and experienced fertility specialists. We provide a superlative quality IVF treatment at a low cost to all the patients. IVF is a prolonged and emotionally draining procedure and picking the fertility centre for your IVF treatment becomes critical for having the highest chances of success in your treatment.  

For increasing your chances of achieving a healthy IVF pregnancy, there are some do’s and don’ts that the patient should adhere to in order to acquire success in the IVF treatment.

Maintain a Healthier Lifestyle

Although it is important to adopt a healthy lifestyle in your life, however, it is most advisable when a couple chooses to undergo an IVF treatment. The doctor may suggest you incorporate a nutritious diet into your schedule or abstain from certain habits that may cause trouble in the effective attainment of pregnancy. The quality of your lifestyle affects the quality of your eggs and sperms, which together form an embryo that is placed inside the woman’s womb. Therefore, it is crucial for ensuring a fertile environment inside your body for assuring better chances of success in the fertility treatment.

Adopt a nutrition-rich diet

You should begin by making alterations to your diet as what you put into your stomach on a daily basis because it creates a fertile environment inside your body, which increases the chances of success in your IVF. Opting for a nutrition-rich diet is important for your fertility and pregnancy and ingesting foods with rich in vitamins, zinc, folic acids, antioxidants, zinc, and foods with other essential nutrients help in nourishing your body in the course of your IVF treatment. It is also advisable to take supplements such as coenzyme q 10, omega 3 fish oil, prenatal vitamin, folic acid, vitamin A, C, and E, iron, etc for preparing yourself for the IVF treatment. One of the major causes of failure in IVF cycle is a vitamin D deficiency; therefore, taking vitamin D supplements is suggested in order to increase the chances of conception.

Increase your fluid consumption

The patient undergoing the IVF treatment should increase their water consumption as it helps in detoxifying your body for removing unwanted elements. It aids in dealing with the complications involved in a pregnancy and handling mood swings. Drinking a sufficient quantity of water also helps in reducing the detrimental effects of heavy medication given to the patient during the IVF treatment.

Abstain from rigorous physical activities

While it is critical to maintaining a healthy body weight for the IVF treatment, it is also important to avoid intense physical activities as it may cause potential damage to the reproductive organs of the patient. Heavy workout can also impact your chances of success in the IVF. However, you can stick to a low-intensity exercising routine that involves walks, yoga, stretching, etc.

Avoid alcohol and smoking

Consumption of alcohol, smoking, and even smoking has detrimental effects on the quality of sperms and eggs. Alcohol is pernicious to the effective development of a fetus and should be avoided if a couple wishes to have a healthy baby. Also, excessive smoking consumption negatively impacts the health of an individual and decreases fertility. Therefore, it is suggested to the patient to abstain from alcohol and smoking or any other addictions if they want to get pregnant using IVF.

Avoid stress and meditate

IVF treatment is a long and arduous treatment process and therefore it is important to maintain your emotional balance and keep your energy levels high. While it is normal to feel and doubtful regarding the results of the IVF treatment but it is not helpful in the long-term. It is crucial to stay positive and avoid participating in any type of stressful thinking if you want to experience positive results in your IVF treatment. Try meditating for de-stressing yourself if your stress levels are high.

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