MESA Treatment in Nepal- Enhanced Way to Crack Male Infertility

It is the worst feeling when you feel edgy or suffering from any issue. That problem can be related to illness , fever ,cold  or any other disease. One of the major problems, which are running nowadays, is none other than Infertility. MESA treatment in nepal Cold or fever can be easily removed by its rock bottom after taking few medicines; on the other hand, Infertility can’t be eliminated from its root. However, Thanks to advance Medical fertility treatments which have made various infertile duos lives easy after resolving their issue of sterility. Male infertility is a term expert use if a man hasn’t been able to get a woman pregnant after at least one year of trying. In Nepal, numbers of infertile duos are increasing day by day, not only in Nepal but also all over the world. If we talk about male fertility treatments, there are various treatments, which unravel the matter of sterility. Amongst them, MESA Treatment in Nepal is one of the most productive and effective therapeutics to solve out this issue. Before going into MESA details, would like to mention some cause of male infertility.

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The Reason of male infertility

  • Genetic disorder
  • Lifestyle and unhealthy balance diet
  • Hormonal issue
  • If any blockage is there in the duct which carries sperms
  • History if high fever or mumps etc.

Those males who do not contain healthy, motile and active sperms are in the circle of infertility. In some situation, males do not ejaculate sperm at all this is termed as azoospermia. In azoospermia, man produces sperms in testes, which are later, stored in epididymis but due to some blockage or prior vasectomy, unable to come out during ejaculation. This is when MESA is recommended by your fertility experts in Nepal.

MESA Treatment in Nepal – MESA stands for Microsurgical Epididymal Sperm Aspiration, this is that treatment which is applied when sperms are absent in the ejaculation. MESA treatment in Nepal is a short surgical retrieval process. It is performed under general anesthesia.

When MESA treatment is suggested for Males?

  • Men who have had prior vasectomy done
  • MESA is best performed when there is the case of Obstructive Azoospermia. (Obstructive azoospermia is that case where sperms are not present in the ejaculation, resulting in female partner unable to hack the cycle of fertilization)
  • MESA is also beneficial for those men who do not contain sperms during their ejaculation because the tube, through which the sperm passes, the vas deferens, either is blocked or absent.
  • Blockage of Seminal vesicles

How MESA Treatment Works

MESA treatment in Nepal is that advanced technique that is performed when sperms are present in the adequate numbers (in epididymis) but couldn’t travel from the tubes during ejaculation. A scrotal skin incision is made, and the testis and epididymis are exposed. Using an operating microscope, a single epididymal tubule is opened and sperm aspires. The doctor then removes the motile sperms from the epididymis with the assistance of a fine tube. The operating microscope helps to open single epididymal tube and from their specialists of fertility aspires sperms.
In MESA sperms that are retrieved has more maturity than sperms aspired from testicles (because in testes sperms are immature). Once the process of sperms retrieval is done, they re-examined by the specialists and frozen for the long term use for the method of fertilization by IVF or ICSI whichever the specialists will suggest to the sterile male partner. Generally, MESA treatment in Nepal is most well-liked with ICSI technique because the sperms that are aspired from this procedure have less motility hence ICSI has additional probabilities to achieve healthy fertilization. The sperm that is taken from the epididymis usually has poor motility so doctors usually proceed to ICSI on the same day.

Some other details about MESA

MESA is a very successful procedure. There is various MESA treatments Clinic in Nepal, which offers male infertility treatmentApprox cost of MESA in Nepal is USD 500. The success rate of MESA is 70-80%. To unfold male infertility MESA is one of the most profitable and productive treatment. Think wisely and act soon.

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