IUI Clinic in Kathmandu for infertile couples

IUI Clinic in Kathmandu helps the male members who are dealing with the mild to moderate decrease in sperm count and /or motility, or if there is mild endometriosis. It also helps female members who are not able to ovulate regularly and also the IUI in Kathmandu recommend to those couples where there is an unexplained factor of infertility.

IUI Clinic in Kathmandu uses the latest and advanced technology to treat the above factors in male and female. This is a simple and safe procedure and it does not require any special precautions. You need to take few minutes of rest after the IUI procedure and later on, you can resume your normal activities.

The success rate of IUI in Kathmandu is around 40% and approximately 80% of the pregnancies occur within the first three IUI cycles and the clinic recommends a maximum of three IUI cycles.

Cost of IUI treatment in Kathmandu

The IUI Cost in Kathmandu varies from clinic to clinic, and if in case women required the hCG injection for superovulation then the treatment become little expensive as the injections which are given to stimulating the ovaries are little expensive and the overall cost of the IUI treatment is around USD 4,000.

IUI treatment is an effective form of therapy and the couples who are seeking for fertility treatment to fulfill their dream of having their own baby need to try IUI in Kathmandu treatment first before undergoing any other expensive fertility treatments. Although this treatment is also very stressful as other fertility treatments and couple need to be very calm throughout the treatment.

The fertility experts and other staff members will provide you with proper medical and personal care throughout the treatment and it also requires the full cooperation between the husband, wife and their fertility experts.

Vision & Mission

The aim of the IUI Centre in Kathmandu is to offer the best fertility treatment to all the patients without biasing between the poor, payees or needy and also they focus on increasing the chances of your pregnancy rather than making money out of your pocket.



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